US: /ˈəðɝ/
UK: /ˈʌðɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

other /'ʌðə/
  • tính từ
    • khác
      • we have other evidence: chúng tôi có chứng cớ khác
      • it was none other than Nam: không phải ai khác mà chính là Nam
    • kia
      • now open the other eye: bây giờ mở mắt kia ra
    • every other day
      • (xem) every
    • the other day
      • (xem) day
    • on the other hand
      • mặt khác
  • danh từ & đại từ
    • người khác, vật khác, cái khác
      • the six other are late: sáu người kia đến chậm
      • give me some others: đưa cho tôi một vài cái khác
  • phó từ
    • khác, cách khác

Advanced English dictionary

adjective, pronoun
1 used to refer to people or things that are additional or different to people or things that have been mentioned or are known about: Mr Harris and Mrs Bate and three other teachers were there. + Are there any other questions? + I can't see you now-some other time, maybe. + Two buildings were destroyed and many others damaged in the blast. + This option is preferable to any other. + Some designs are better than others.
Compare: ANOTHER
2 the, my, your, etc. ~ used to refer to the second of two people or things: My other sister is a doctor. + One son went to live in Australia and the other one was killed in a car crash. + He raised one arm and then the other. + You must ask one or other of your parents. + (humorous) You'll have to ask my other half (= husband, wife or partner).
3 the, my, your, etc. ~ used to refer to the remaining people or things in a group: I'll wear my other shoes-these are dirty. + 'I like this one.' 'What about the other ones?' + I went swimming while the others played tennis.
4 the ~ used to refer to a place, direction, etc. that is the opposite to where you are, are going, etc: I work on the other side of town. + He crashed into a car coming the other way. + He found me, not the other way round / around.
Idioms: Most idioms containing other are at the entries for the nouns and verbs in the idioms, for example in other words is at word.
the other day / morning / evening / week recently: I saw Jack the other day.
other than (usually used in negative sentences)
1 except: I don't know any French people other than you. + We're going away in June but other than that I'll be here all summer.
2 (written) different or differently from; not: I have never known him to behave other than selfishly.

Concise English dictionary

+not the same one or ones already mentioned or implied
+recently past
+belonging to the distant past
+very unusual; different in character or quality from the normal or expected