US: /ˈɔɹəkəɫ/
UK: /ˈɒɹəkə‍l/

English Vietnamese dictionary

oracle /'ɔrəkl/
  • danh từ
    • lời sấm; thẻ (lời thánh dạy, bói toán); lời tiên tri
    • nhà tiên tri
    • người có uy tín; thánh nhân; người chỉ đường vạch lối; vật hướng dẫn
    • miếu thờ (nơi xin thẻ dạy)
    • to work the oracle
      • mớm lời thầy bói
    • (nghĩa bóng) chạy thầy, chạy thợ

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun [C]
1 (in ancient Greece) a place where people could go to ask the gods for advice or information about the future; the priest or PRIESTESS through whom the gods were thought to give their message: They consulted the oracle at Delphi.
2 (in ancient Greece) the advice or information that the gods gave, which often had a hidden meaning
3 [usually sing.] a person or book that gives valuable advice or information: My sister's the oracle on investment matters.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 prophet, sibyl, seer, soothsayer, augur, fortune-teller, diviner, prognosticator, US reader (and adviser or advisor), Cassandra, Nostradamus; authority, guru, mastermind, mentor, wizard:
He insists on consulting his oracle before making any final decision.
2 prophecy, augury, prediction, divination, advice, prognostication, answer, message, divine utterance:
According to the oracle, the travellers would survive the perils of the journey.

Concise English dictionary

oracles'ɑrəkl ,'ɔ- /'ɒ-
+an authoritative person who divines the future
+a prophecy (usually obscure or allegorical) revealed by a priest or priestess; believed to be infallible
+a shrine where an oracular god is consulted