US: /əbˈteɪn/
UK: /ɒbtˈe‍ɪn/

English Vietnamese dictionary

obtain /əb'tein/
  • ngoại động từ
    • đạt được, thu được, giành được, kiếm được
      • to obtain experience: thu được kinh nghiệm
      • to obtain a prize: giành được phần thưởng
  • nội động từ
    • đang tồn tại, hiện hành, thông dụng
      • the customs which obtain: những phong tục đang còn tồn tại

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb (formal)
1 [VN] (rather formal) to get sth, especially by making an effort: to obtain advice / information / permission + I finally managed to obtain a copy of the report. + Further details can be obtained by writing to the above address. + To obtain the overall score, add up the totals in each column.
2 [V] (not used in the progressive tenses) (formal) (of rules, systems, customs, etc.) to exist: These conditions no longer obtain.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 get, procure, acquire, come by, come into (the) possession of, secure, get hold of or one's hands on, grasp, capture, take possession of, seize; buy, purchase:
She has been unable to obtain the job she wants. You can obtain that kind of soap at the supermarket
2 earn, gain:
We talked to the manager about obtaining an increase in wages.
3 prevail, be in force, be in vogue, exist, subsist, have (a) place, be prevalent, be established, be customary, apply, be relevant, relate:
A different set of regulations obtains here.

Collocation dictionary


fraudulently, unlawfully


be able/unable to | attempt to, endeavour to | fail to | assist sb to, enable sb to
The local authority may assist you to obtain alternative accommodation.
| be easy to, be possible to | be difficult to, be impossible to
goods which are difficult to obtain
| be necessary to, be required to, need to
It is necessary to obtain the patients' consent.


Anglers are required to obtain prior authorization from the park keeper.


be easily obtained
Such information is easily obtained from the Internet.
| sth can/may be obtained
Details of this offer can be obtained from any of our stores.
| a means/method/way of obtaining sth

Concise English dictionary

+come into possession of
+receive a specified treatment (abstract)
+be valid, applicable, or true