US: /ˈnoʊtəs/, /ˈnoʊtɪs/
UK: /nˈə‍ʊtɪs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

notice /'noutis/
  • danh từ
    • thông tri, yết thị, thông cáo
      • public notice: yết thị cho công chúng
      • to put a notice in the papers: đăng thông cáo trên báo
      • notice is hereby given that: thông báo cho công chúng biết rằng
    • lời báo trước; sự báo trước; thời hạn
      • at short notice: trong một thời hạn ngắn, với sự báo trước một ít lâu
      • at the shortest notice: trong một thời hạn ngắn nhất; ngay lập tức
      • at a moment's notice: notice ngay lập tức, tức khắc
      • loan at notice: sự cho vay có thời hạn
      • deposit at short notice: sự cho vay có thời hạn ngắn
      • to take one's notice: được báo phải thôi việc
      • take notice that: tôi báo trước cho anh biết rằng
    • đoạn ngắn, bài ngắn (trên báo; để thông báo, để bình phẩm một cuốn sách, một vở kịch)
    • sự chú ý, sự để ý, sự nhận biết
      • he did not take the slightest notice of me: hắn không để ý đến tôi một chút nào
      • to come into notice: làm cho phải chú ý đến
      • to bring something to someone's notice: làm cho người nào biết đến (để ý đến) một việc gì
      • baby takes notice: em bé tỏ vẻ biết
  • ngoại động từ
    • chú ý, để ý, nhận biết
      • I ứan't noticing: tôi không chú ý
      • to notice someone in the crowd: nhận ra ai trong đám đông
    • báo trước (đuổi nhà, cho nghỉ việc...
      • to be noticed to wuit: được báo trước phải dọn đi
    • nhận xét về (ai, cái gì)
    • chiếu cố, hạ cố; đối xử lễ độ với

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
paying attention
1 [U] the fact of sb paying attention to sb/sth or knowing about sth: Don't take any notice of what you read in the papers. + Take no notice of what he says. + These protests have really made the government sit up and take notice (= realize the importance of the situation). + It was Susan who brought the problem to my notice (= told me about it). + Normally, the letter would not have come to my notice (= I would not have known about it). + (formal) It will not have escaped your notice that there have been some major changes in the company.
giving information
2 [C] a sheet of paper giving written or printed information, usually put in a public place: There was a notice on the board saying the class had been cancelled. + A public notice about the planned development was pinned to the wall.
3 [C] a board or sign giving information, an instruction or a warning: a notice saying 'Keep off the Grass'
announcing sth
4 [C] a small advertisement or ANNOUNCEMENT in a newspaper or magazine: notices of births, marriages and deaths
5 [C] a short ANNOUNCEMENT made at the beginning or end of a church service, a meeting, etc: There are just two notices this week.
6 [U] information or a warning given in advance of sth that is going to happen: You must give one month's notice. + Prices may be altered without notice. + The bar is closed until further notice (= until you are told that it is open again). + You are welcome to come and stay as long as you give us plenty of notice.
when leaving job / house
7 [U] a formal letter or statement saying that you will or must leave your job or house at the end of a particular period of time: He has handed in his notice. + They gave her two weeks' notice. + Tenants must give written notice to the landlord of their intention to move out of the property. + Dozens of families on the estate have been give notice to quit (= told to leave their homes). + 500 workers have been issued with redundancy notices. + We received an eviction notice today.
review of book / play
8 [C] a short article in a newspaper or magazine, giving an opinion about a book, play, etc: The play got good notices in the national press.
Idioms: at short notice
at a moment's notice not long in advance; without warning or time for preparation: This was the best room we could get at such short notice. + You must be ready to leave at a moment's notice.
on short notice (AmE) = AT SHORT NOTICE
+ verb (not usually used in the progressive tenses)
see / hear
1 to see or hear sb/sth; to become aware of sb/sth: [VN] The first thing I noticed about the room was the smell. + [V] People were making fun of him but he didn't seem to notice. + [V (that)] I couldn't help noticing (that) she was wearing a wig. + [V wh-] Did you notice how Rachel kept looking at her watch? + [VN inf] I noticed them come in. + [VN -ing] I didn't notice him leaving.
pay attention
2 [VN] to pay attention to sb/sth: She wears those strange clothes just to get herself noticed. + My husband hardly seems to notice me any more.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 note, take or make note (of), take notice (of), pay or give attention to, attend (to), heed, take heed (of), give heed to, mark, remark, mind, observe, perceive, see:
Notice how quickly he retracted his remarks when challenged. I waved to them, but they didn't notice me
2 mind, observe, perceive, discern, see, detect, make out, identify, recognize, Colloq spot:
I noticed signs of illness when I visited her.
3 attention, awareness, consciousness, perception, observation, cognizance:
Let me bring to your notice the second paragraph on page six.
4 regard, consideration, respect, observation, attention, note, heed:
They have published many books worthy of notice. He considers matters of money beneath his notice
5 notification, announcement, information, advice; warning, intimation:
A notice showing the currency exchange rates is posted in the bank. The company let Corbett go without notice
6 criticism, critique, review, comment, commentary:
The play has enjoyed excellent notices in the London newspapers.
7 give notice. warn, admonish, notify, announce, advise, inform:
British Rail gave notice of a curtailment of service to this station. Barry gave notice today of his resignation.

Collocation dictionary

1 attention


Take no notice of what you read in the papers.
| come to
Normally such matters would not come to my notice.
| bring to | attract
The change was too subtle to attract much notice.

2 written statement




issue, place, post, put up
The company has issued warning notices saying that all water should be boiled.
| take down | read, see


appear, go up
The notice about his resignation went up this morning.
| say sth, tell sb sth


~ about
There are notices about where to park.

3 information given in advance


written | advance, prior | short | reasonable


give, hand in your
She's given notice that she intends to leave.
| have, receive | need, require
The bank requires three days' notice.


without ~
They cut off the electricity without notice.
| ~ of
A landlord must give reasonable notice of his intention to inspect the property.


at a moment's notice
The team is ready to go anywhere in the world at a moment's notice.
| at short notice
It's the best we can do at such short notice.
| notice to quit
His landlord gave him two months' notice to quit.
| on a month's/week's, etc. notice
She's on a week's notice, which doesn't give her long to find another job.


not even
My mum probably won't even notice I'm gone.
| not really
Nobody really noticed the changes.
| barely, hardly, scarcely | (only) just
I must go! I've only just noticed how late it is.
| suddenly | at once, immediately
He noticed at once that something was wrong.
| quickly, soon | eventually, finally


fail to | not appear to, not seem to
He didn't seem to notice her.


can't/couldn't help noticing sth
You couldn't help noticing how his eyes kept following her.

Concise English dictionary

+an announcement containing information about a future event
+the act of noticing or paying attention
+a request for payment
+advance notification (usually written) of the intention to withdraw from an arrangement or contract
+a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement
+polite or favorable attention
+a short critical review
+discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of
+notice or perceive
+make or write a comment on
+express recognition of the presence or existence of, or acquaintance with