US: /nəˈɡɫɛktəd/, /nɪˈɡɫɛktɪd/
UK: /nɪɡlˈɛktɪd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

  • tính từ
    • lôi thôi lếch thếch

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
not receiving enough care or attention: neglected children + a neglected area of research

Thesaurus dictionary

1 disregard, ignore, slight, pay no attention to, be inattentive to, overlook, pass by, spurn, rebuff, scorn, disdain, contemn, Colloq cold-shoulder:
Scholars neglected his work for years.
2 fail (in), omit; disregard, let slide or pass, be remiss (about or in or regarding), abandon, lose sight of, forget, shirk:
Have I neglected telling you how much I love you? Sybil has neglected her obligations.
3 disregard, disrespect, inattention, indifference, slighting, unconcern, oversight, heedlessness, neglectfulness, carelessness, inadvertence:
We lost business to our competitor through simple neglect.
4 negligence, laxity, laxness, slackness, neglectfulness, passivity, passiveness, inactivity, inaction, dereliction, default, failure, failing, remissness:
She has been accused of neglect in looking after her children properly.

Collocation dictionary

1 not given enough attention


be, feel, lie, look, remain, seem, stand
His tools lay neglected in the garden.
| become, get


badly, extremely, much, sadly, seriously, sorely, very, woefully
It is a sadly neglected work. The building is sorely neglected.
| largely | comparatively, rather, relatively, somewhat | hitherto, previously | unjustly
She is an excellent and unjustly neglected author.

2 not given enough food, clothing, etc.


be, look
The group of street children looked ragged and neglected.


badly, grossly, severely

Concise English dictionary

+lack of attention and due care
+the state of something that has been unused and neglected
+willful lack of care and attention
+the trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern
+failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances
+leave undone or leave out
+fail to do something; leave something undone
+fail to attend to
+give little or no attention to