US: /ˌmɑnjəˈmɛnəɫ/, /ˌmɑnjəˈmɛntəɫ/, /ˌmɑnjuˈmɛntəɫ/
UK: /mˌɒnjuːmˈɛntə‍l/

English Vietnamese dictionary

monumental /,mɔnju'mentl/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) công trình kỷ niệm; dùng làm công trình kỷ niệm
    • vị đại, đồ sộ, bất hủ
      • a monumental work: một tác phẩm vĩ đại
    • kỳ lạ, lạ thường
      • monumental ignorance: sự ngu dốt lạ thường

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
1 [usually before noun] very important and having a great influence, especially as the result of years of work: a monumental achievement + Gibbon's monumental work 'The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire'
2 [only before noun] very large, good, bad, stupid, etc: a book of monumental significance + We have a monumental task ahead of us. + It seems like an act of monumental folly. + We must act now to avert a disaster of monumental proportions.
3 [only before noun] appearing in or serving as a monument: a monumental inscription / tomb + a monumental mason (= a person who makes monuments)

Thesaurus dictionary

1 staggering, awe-inspiring, outstanding, prominent, stupendous, vast, awesome, epoch-making, historic, history-making, memorable, lasting, permanent, unforgettable, significant, notable, noteworthy, impressive, marvellous, prodigious, wonderful, wondrous, spectacular, magnificent, grand, striking, glorious, enduring, classic:
This work is a monumental contribution to linguistic theory.
2 massive, huge, gigantic, enormous, prodigious, colossal, immense, vast, tremendous:
These monumental stones, each as big as a house, were dragged from a quarry hundreds of miles away.
3 commemorative, memorial:
A monumental obelisk will be raised to mark the battle.
4 egregious, catastrophic, calamitous, huge, enormous, awful, abject, terrible, unforgivable, unbelievable, monstrous, Colloq whopping:
Announcing our plans in advance could prove to be a monumental blunder.

Concise English dictionary

'mɑnjəməntl /'mɒ-
+relating or belonging to or serving as a monument
+of outstanding significance
+imposing in size or bulk or solidity