US: /ˈməni/
UK: /mˈʌni/

English Vietnamese dictionary

money /'mʌni/
  • danh từ
    • tiền, tiền tệ
      • paper money: tiền giấy
    • tiền, tiền bạc
      • to make money: kiếm tiền
      • to pay money down: trả tiền mặt
    • (số nhiều) những món tiền
    • (số nhiều) (thông tục) tiền của, của cải, tài sản
      • in the money: (từ lóng) giàu nứt đố đổ vách; chiếm giải (nhất, nhì, ba) (ngựa đua...)
    • to coin money
      • (xem) coin
    • for my money
      • (thông tục) theo ý tôi; theo sở thích của tôi
    • to marry money
      • lấy chồng giàu; lấy vợ giàu
    • money makes the mare [to] go
      • có tiền mua tiên cũng được
    • money for jam (for old rope)
      • (từ lóng) làm chơi ăn thật

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [U] what you earn by working or selling things, and use to buy things: to borrow / save / spend / earn money + How much money is there in my account? + The money is much better in my new job. + If the item is not satisfactory, you will get your money back. + We'll need to raise more money (= collect or borrow it) next year. + Can you lend me some money until tomorrow?
2 [U] coins or paper notes: I counted the money carefully. + Where can I change my money into dollars?
3 [U] a person's wealth including their property: He lost all his money. + The family made their money in the 18th century.
4 (moneys or monies) [pl.] (old use or law) sums of money: a statement of all monies paid into your account
Help Note: You will find other compounds ending in money at their place in the alphabet.
Idioms: be in the money (informal) to have a lot of money to spend
for my money (informal) in my opinion: For my money, he's one of the greatest comedians of all time.
get your money's worth to get enough value or enjoyment out of sth, considering the amount of money, time, etc. that you are spending on it: Let's spend all day there and really get our money's worth.
good money a lot of money; money that you earn with hard work: Thousands of people paid good money to watch the band perform. + Don't waste good money on that!
have money to burn to have so much money that you do not have to be careful with it
made of money (informal) very rich: I'm not made of money, you know!
make money to earn a lot of money; to make a profit: The movie should make money. + There's money to be made from tourism.
make / lose money hand over fist to make/lose money very fast and in large quantities
money for jam / old rope (BrE, informal) money that is earned very easily, for sth that needs little effort: The job only took about an hour-it was money for old rope.
money is no object money is not sth that needs to be considered, because there is plenty of it available: She travels around the world as if money is no object.
money talks (saying) people who have a lot of money have more power and influence than others: Money talks in today's harsh economic climate.
on the money (AmE) correct; accurate: His prediction was right on the money.
put money into sth to invest money in a business or a particular project: We would welcome interest from anyone prepared to put money into the club.
put your money on sb/sth
1 to bet that a particular horse, dog, etc. will win a race
2 to feel very sure that sth is true or that sb will succeed: He'll be there tonight. I'd put money on it.
put your money where your mouth is (informal) to support what you say by doing sth practical; to show by your actions that you really mean sth
throw your money about / around (informal) to spend money in a careless and obvious way
throw good money after bad (disapproving) to spend more money on sth, when you have wasted a lot on it already
throw money at sth (disapproving) to try to deal with a problem or improve a situation by spending money on it, when it would be better to deal with it in other ways: It is inappropriate simply to throw money at these problems.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 currency, legal tender, medium of exchange, specie, (hard) cash, ready money, banknotes, paper money, Brit notes, US bills, coin(s), change, small change, Derogatory (filthy) lucre, pelf, Colloq shekels, Brit lolly, readies, US folding money, cold (hard) cash, US and Canadian and Australian shin-plasters; Slang loot, dough, bread, spondulicks or spondulix, boodle, readies or the ready, moolah, Brit rhino, US (long) green, greenbacks, mazuma, wampum, simoleons, bucks, scratch, gelt, kale, cabbage, lettuce, spinach:
He makes daily rounds to collect the money from the launderettes he owns
2 resources, wealth, fortune, funds, capital, wherewithal, affluence, means, (liquid) assets, riches; Slang bundle:
All the family money is invested in long-term bonds.
3 gain, profit, net, Colloq take, percentage, Slang rake-off:
How much money does the shop take in at the end of the day?
4 in the money. rich, wealthy, affluent, moneyed or monied, well off, well-to-do, prosperous, Colloq flush, in clover, in or on Easy Street, Slang loaded, well-heeled, rolling in it or in money or in dough, filthy rich, stinking rich, fat:
They have been in the money since their uncle died.

Collocation dictionary


There is big money in golf for the top players.
| easy
He started stealing as a way of making easy money.
| government,
public, taxpayers'Is this a good way to spend taxpayers' money?
| private | pocket, spending
Did your parents give you pocket money when you were little? I don't know how much spending money to take on holiday.
| prize | sponsorship | paper
The collection box was full of coins and paper money.
| counterfeit


amount, sum
the large sums of money we handle in this store


I haven't got any money left.
| borrow, bring in, collect, earn, get, make, raise, receive
He hoped the scheme would bring in quite a bit of money. Some people were in the street collecting money for charity. How much money did he earn last year? I'll have to get some more money from somewhere.
| bank, deposit, pay in
small shopkeepers banking their money at the end of the day I need to pay this money in today.
| draw out, get out, take out,
withdraw | fritter away, lose,
run out of, spend, squander, throw away, waste
She lost a lot of money at the casino. We ran out of money and had to come home early. He squandered his money on gambling and drink.
| hoard, save, set aside, stash away
an old miser who hoarded his money We're trying to set some money aside for a new car.

She stashed the money away in the bank.

| invest, tie up
They sensibly invested their prize money rather than spending it. All their money was tied up in long-term investments.
| donate, give sb,
lend sb, pay (sb), provide (sb
with), put up
Half the money raised was donated to charity. He managed to persuade his friend to put up the money for the venture.
| give (sb) back, pay (sb) back, refund (sb), repay (sb)
I'll pay the money back next week, I promise. The shop was unwilling to refund my money.
| owe (sb)
They owe lots of people money.
| accept, take
I don't think they'll accept French money on the plane. The bookmaker was quite happy to take his money.
| cost
These cars cost quite a lot of money.
| be worth
That painting is worth a lot of money.
| change, exchange
We changed our money into dollars at the airport.
| allocate
The quality of public health care depends on the amount of money allocated to it.
| launder
He was charged with laundering money.


come from sth
Money for the extension to the gallery came from the sale of old exhibits.
| go (on sth), go to
I don't know where all the money goes! All his money went on drink. Most of the money went to pay for the food and drink.
| come in
She had two children to support and no money coming in.


management | problems | laundering | market
He made a fortune dealing on the money markets.
| box


for ~
He'll do anything for money!
| ~ for
Where's the money for the milk?


get money off sth
You might get some money off the price if it's an old model.
| get your money's worth
The boat trip lasts three hours, so you certainly get your money's worth.
| pay/put money in/into the bank
I pay my money into the bank as soon as I get paid.
| put money on sth
He stopped at the betting shop to put money on a horse.
| put/sink money into sth
He sank most of his money into his struggling business.
| take money off sth
He felt sorry for her and took some money off her bill.
| throw money at sth
They tend to throw money at problems without trying to work out the best solution.
| throw your money around
He thinks he can make friends by throwing his money around. > Special page at BUSINESS

Concise English dictionary

+the most common medium of exchange; functions as legal tender
+wealth reckoned in terms of money
+the official currency issued by a government or national bank