US: /ˈmɑdəsti/
UK: /mˈɒdəsti/

English Vietnamese dictionary

modesty /'mɔdisti/
  • danh từ
    • tính khiêm tốn, tính nhún nhường, tính nhũn nhặn
    • tính thuỳ mị, tính nhu mì, tính e lệ
    • tính vừa phải, tính phải chăng, tính bình thường, tính giản dị

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun [U]
1 the fact of not talking much about your abilities or possessions: He accepted the award with characteristic modesty. + I hate false (= pretended) modesty.
2 the action of behaving or dressing so that you do not show your body or attract sexual attention
3 the state of being not very large, expensive, important, etc: They tried to disguise the modesty of their achievements.

Collocation dictionary


characteristic, natural, typical | false | becoming
She accepted their congratulations with becoming modesty.


display, show


forbid sb
Modesty forbade me from mentioning that my novel had been published.


with ~
She spoke with characteristic modesty.
| ~ about
his modesty about his achievements

Concise English dictionary

'mɑdɪstɪ /'mɒs-
+freedom from vanity or conceit
+formality and propriety of manner