US: /ˈmɑk/
UK: /mˈɒk/

English Vietnamese dictionary

mock /mɔk/
  • danh từ
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) sự chế nhạo, sự nhạo báng, sự chế giễu
      • to make a mock of someone: chế nhạo ai, chế giễu ai
  • tính từ
    • giả, bắt chước
      • mock modesty: khiêm tốn giả
      • mock battle: trận giả
      • mock velvet: nhung giả
  • ngoại động từ
    • chế nhạo, nhạo báng, chế giễu
    • thách thức; xem khinh, coi thường
    • lừa, lừa dối, đánh lừa
    • nhại, giả làm
    • nội động từ
      • (+ at) chế nhạo, nhạo báng, chế giễu

    Advanced English dictionary

    verb, adjective, noun
    + verb
    1 to laugh at sb/sth in an unkind way, especially by copying what they say or do: [VN] He's always mocking my French accent. + The other children mocked her, laughing behind their hands. + [V] You can mock, but at least I'm willing to have a try! [also V speech, VN speech]
    2 [VN] (formal) to show no respect for sth: The new exam mocked the needs of the majority of children.
    mocker noun
    + adjective [only before noun]
    1 not sincere: mock horror / surprise
    2 that is a copy of sth; not real: a mock election + a mock interview / examination (= used to practise for the real one)
    + noun (informal) (in Britain) a practice exam that you do before the official one: The mocks are in November. + What did you get in the mock?

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 deride, ridicule, make fun of, tease, taunt, tantalize, jeer (at), gibe (at), thumb one's nose at, chaff, laugh at, poke fun at, make sport of, guy, scorn, flout, abuse, defy, scoff (at), sneer (at), disdain, disparage, decry, Archaic fleer (at), Colloq rag, rib, kid, put (someone) on, Brit take the mickey out of, cock a snook at:
    He was taken in for questioning only because he mocked a police officer. Jealousy is the green-eyed monster that mocks the meat it feeds on
    2 ape, mimic, imitate, caricature, lampoon, satirize, parody, burlesque, travesty, Colloq spoof, take off, Brit send up:
    The political cartoonist mocks governments daily on the pillory of his pen.
    3 substitute, artificial, simulated, fake, synthetic, imitation, false, forged, ersatz, sham, feigned, counterfeit, fraudulent, bogus, make-believe, pretend, Colloq phoney or US also phony, pseudo:
    By means of a mock car accident they demonstrated how to rescue victims. Mock turtle soup, though good, does not taste like real turtle soup.

    Collocation dictionary


    bitterly, ruthlessly, scornfully | gently, softly
    ‘Too scary for you?’ he mocked softly.
    | subtly
    The play subtly mocks the conventions of courtly love.


    He mocked at her hopes of stardom.
    | for
    mocking him for his failure
    | with
    She mocked him with her smile.


    faintly/slightly mocking
    a faintly mocking smile

    Concise English dictionary

    mocks|mocked|mockingmɑk /mɒk
    +the act of mocking or ridiculing
    +treat with contempt
    +imitate with mockery and derision
    +constituting a copy or imitation of something