US: /ˈmɪstʃəvəs/
UK: /mˈɪst‍ʃɪvəs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

mischievous /'mistʃivəs/
  • tính từ
    • hay làm hại
    • tác hại, có hại
    • tinh nghịch, tinh quái, ranh mãnh, láu lỉnh
      • a mischievous child: một đứa trẻ tinh quái

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
1 enjoying playing tricks and annoying people: a mischievous boy + a mischievous grin / smile / look + Her eyes danced with mischievous amusement.
2 (formal) (of an action or a statement) causing trouble, such as damaging sb's reputation: mischievous lies / gossip
mischievously adverb

Thesaurus dictionary

1 naughty, impish, roguish, rascally, devilish, elfish or elvish, puckish, scampish, frolicsome, playful, sportive:
Tying his cousin's shoelaces together was a mischievous prank and not malicious
2 harmful, injurious, hurtful, damaging, pernicious, detrimental, destructive, deleterious, dangerous, spiteful, malicious, vicious, malign, baleful, baneful, noxious, wicked, evil, bad:
The government regards as mischievous the detention of any Foreign Office personnel.

Concise English dictionary

+naughtily or annoyingly playful
+badly behaved
+deliberately causing harm or damage