US: /ˈmɪstʃəf/
UK: /mˈɪst‍ʃɪf/

English Vietnamese dictionary

mischief /'mistʃif/
  • danh từ
    • điều ác, việc ác; mối hại, mối nguy hại, sự tổn hại; mối phiền luỵ
      • to play the mischief with: gieo tai hoạ, tàn phá, phá phách
      • to do someone a mischief: làm ai bị thương; giết ai
    • trò tinh nghịch, trò tinh quái, trò láu cá
      • spolled children are often up to mischief: trẻ được nuông chiều thường hay tinh nghịch
    • sự ranh mãnh, sự láu lỉnh, sự hóm hỉnh
      • a glance fyll of mischief: cái nhìn ranh mãnh, cái nhìn hóm hỉnh
    • mối bất hoà
      • to make mischief between...: gây mối bất hoà giữa...
    • (thông tục) trò quỷ, đồ quỷ quái
      • what the mischief do you want?: mày muốn cái quỷ gì?

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun [U]
1 bad behaviour (especially of children) that is annoying but does not cause any serious damage or harm: Those children are always getting into mischief. + I try to keep out of mischief. + It's very quiet upstairs; they must be up to some mischief!
2 the wish or tendency to behave or play in a way that causes trouble: Her eyes were full of mischief.
3 (formal) harm or injury that is done to sb or to their reputation: The incident caused a great deal of political mischief.
Idioms: do yourself a mischief (BrE, informal) to hurt yourself physically: Watch how you use those scissors-you could do yourself a mischief!
make mischief to do or say sth deliberately to upset other people, or cause trouble between them

Thesaurus dictionary

1 misbehaviour, naughtiness, impishness, elfishness or elvishness, roguishness, rascality, devilry or deviltry, mischievousness, playfulness, devilment, badness, Colloq monkey business, shenanigans, Brit monkey tricks or US monkeyshines:
That boy is always up to some mischief.
2 harm, injury, damage, detriment, trouble, hurt, wrong, difficulty, disruption, destruction, misfortune, evil:
He didn't realize the mischief a casual remark could do. She was accused of malicious mischief when she punctured his car tyres.

Collocation dictionary


glint, hint
There was a glint of mischief in her eyes.


cause, do, make
Such people will do anything they can to make mischief.
| get into/up to
Don't get up to any mischief while we're out.
| keep/stay out of
Try to stay out of mischief, will you?

Concise English dictionary

+reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others
+the quality or nature of being harmful or evil