US: /ˈmaɪnəs/
UK: /mˈa‍ɪnəs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

minus /'mainəs/
  • danh từ
    • trừ
      • 7 minus 3 (equal to) 4: 4 trừ 3 còn 4
    • (thông tục) thiếu, mất, không còn
    • tính từ
      • trừ
        • the minus sign: dấu trừ
      • âm
        • minus charge: (vật lý) điện tích âm
    • danh từ
      • (toán học) dấu trừ
      • số âm

    Advanced English dictionary

    preposition, noun, adjective
    + preposition
    1 used when you SUBTRACT one number or thing from another one: Seven minus three is four (7 - 3 = 4). + the former Soviet Union, minus the Baltic republics and Georgia
    2 used to express temperature below zero degrees: It was minus ten. + The temperature dropped to minus 28 degrees centigrade (-28?C).
    3 (informal) without sth that was there before: We're going to be minus a car for a while. + The group found itself minus a bass player.
    Antonym: PLUS
    Idioms see PLUS prep.

    + noun
    1 (also minus sign) The symbol (-), used in mathematics
    2 (informal) a negative quality; a disadvantage: Let's consider the pluses and minuses of changing the system.
    Antonym: PLUS
    + adjective
    1 (mathematics) lower than zero: a minus figure / number
    2 making sth seem negative and less attractive or good: What are the car's minus points (= the disadvantages)? + On the minus side rented property is expensive and difficult to find.
    3 [not before noun] (used in a system of marks / grades) slightly lower than the mark/grade A, B, etc: I got (a) B minus (B-) in the test.
    Antonym: PLUS

    Concise English dictionary

    +an arithmetic operation in which the difference between two numbers is calculated
    +on the negative side or lower end of a scale
    +involving disadvantage or harm