US: /ˈmɛnʃən/
UK: /mˈɛnʃən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

mention /'menʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự kể ra, sự nói đến, sự đề cập
      • to make mention of a fact: đề cập đến một sự việc
    • sự tuyên dương
    • ngoại động từ
      • kể ra, nói đến, đề cập
        • that was not mentioned in this letter: điều đó không được đề cập đến trong bức thư này
        • not to mention; without mentioning: chưa nói đến, chưa kể đến
        • it's not worth mentioning: không đáng kể, không đề cập đến
      • tuyên dương
      • don't mention it
        • không sao, không dám

    Advanced English dictionary

    verb, noun
    + verb
    ~ sth/sb (to sb) to write or speak about sth/sb, especially without giving much information: [VN] Nobody mentioned anything to me about it. + Sorry, I won't mention it again. + Now that you mention it, she did seem to be in a strange mood. + His name has been mentioned as a future MP. + [V wh-] Did she mention where she was going? + [V that] You mentioned in your letter that you might be moving abroad. + He failed to mention that he was the one who started the fight. [also V -ing]
    Idioms: don't mention it (spoken) used as a polite answer when sb has thanked you for sth: 'Thanks for all your help.' 'Don't mention it.'
    not to mention used to introduce extra information and emphasize what you are saying: He has two big houses in this country, not to mention his villa in France.
    + noun [U, C, usually sing.] an act of referring to sb/sth in speech or writing: He made no mention of her work. + The concert didn't even get a mention in the newspapers. + Richard deserves (a) special mention for all the help he gave us. + I went white at the mention of her name. + We have several other products worthy of mention.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 speak or write about, refer to, allude to, touch on or upon, make mention (of), bring up or in, introduce, broach, call or direct attention to, note, name, cite, acknowledge; point out, indicate, make known, adduce, report, quote:
    Sergeant Payne was mentioned in dispatches from the front. He mentions the works of Conrad in support of his thesis
    2 divulge, reveal, intimate, disclose, impart, suggest, animadvert on or upon, hint (at), imply, insinuate:
    Did he mention that Liz was present?
    3 reference, allusion, note, naming, citation, mentioning, Colloq cite:
    There was a mention of you in the newspaper today.
    4 recognition, tribute, acknowledgement, kudos, praise:
    She won no prize but came in for an honourable mention.
    5 announcement, reference, referral, remark:
    The speaker's mention of the conference reminded me of something.

    Collocation dictionary


    brief, passing | special | earliest, first
    The earliest mention of the village is in a 16th-century manuscript.


    My cousin deserves a mention for all his hard work.
    | get, receive
    His professor gets a mention in the acknowledgements.
    | make
    Special mention must be made of Yuki Yamagishi's wonderful performance as the doctor.
    | hear
    I've heard no mention of a salary increase this year.


    at the ~ of
    At the very mention of his name, Kate started shaking with fright.


    already, earlier, just, previously, so far
    As already mentioned, the legislation does not consider low pay as an acceptable reason for turning down a job. This aspect is discussed further by Crane, whom I mentioned earlier. All the approaches mentioned so far are fairly conventional.
    | commonly, frequently | rarely, seldom | briefly, in passing
    He only mentioned his work in passing.
    | casually
    I casually mentioned that I might be interested in working abroad.
    | directly, explicitly, expressly, specifically
    She did not specifically mention your name.
    | inadvertently | barely, hardly, scarcely | not actually, not at all
    Although she didn't actually mention the move, I am sure that was in her mind. My name wasn't mentioned at all.


    fail to, forget to, omit to


    Next spring has been mentioned as a possible time for the event.
    | in
    She didn't mention the economy in her speech.
    | in connection with sth
    I was very angry when I saw my name mentioned in connection with an incident that had absolutely nothing to do with me.
    | to
    Please don't mention this to Sally.


    avoid mentioning sb/sth
    He avoided mentioning his family.
    | be worth mentioning sth
    At this point, it is worth mentioning that many people who were adopted as babies have no desire to meet their biological parents.
    | mentioned above/below
    In the example mentioned above, either method of construction could have been used.
    | mentioned in dispatches
    Wounded in action, he was twice mentioned in dispatches.
    | mention the fact that … , not to mention
    (= used to add extra information)He has two big houses in this country, not to mention his villa in France.
    | now you come to mention it
    Now that you come to mention it, he did say something about a ghost.
    | to mention but a few
    plumbers, printers, dyers, glaziers and potters, to mention but a few

    Concise English dictionary

    +a remark that calls attention to something or someone
    +a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage
    +an official recognition of merit
    +make reference to
    +make mention of