US: /ˈmit/
UK: /mˈiːt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

meet /mi:t/
  • danh từ
    • cuộc gặp gỡ (của những người đi săn ở một nơi đã hẹn trước, của những nhà thể thao để thi đấu)
    • ngoại động từ met
      • gặp, gặp gỡ
        • to meet someone in the street: gặp ai ở ngoài phố
        • to meet somebody half-way: gặp ai giữa đường; (nghĩa bóng) thoả hiệp với ai
      • đi đón
        • to meet someone at the station: đi đón ai ở ga
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) xin giới thiệu, làm quen (với người nào)
        • meet Mr John Brown: xin giới thiệu ông Giôn-Brao
      • gặp, vấp phải, đương đầu
        • to meet danger: gặp nguy hiểm
        • to meet difficulties: vấp phải khó khăn
      • đáp ứng, thoả mãn, làm vừa lòng
        • to meet a demand: thoả mãn một yêu cầu
        • to meet the case: thích ứng
      • nhận, tiếp nhận; chịu đựng, cam chịu
        • he met his reward: anh ấy nhận phần thưởng
        • to meet one's end (death): chết, nhận lấy cái chết
      • thanh toán (hoá đơn...)
      • nội động từ
        • gặp nhau
          • when shall we meet again?: khi nào chúng ta lại gặp nhau?
        • gặp gỡ, tụ họp, họp
          • the Committee will meet tomorrow: ngày mai uỷ ban sẽ họp
        • gặp nhau, nối nhau, tiếp vào nhau, gắn vào nhau
        • to meet with
          • tình cờ gặp
        • gặp phải, vấp phải (khó khăn...)
        • to meet the ear
          • được nghe thấy
        • to meet the eye
          • được trông thấy
        • to meet someone's eye
          • nhìn thấy (bắt gặp) ai đang nhìn mình; nhìn trả lại
        • to make both ends meet
          • thu vén tằn tiện để cuối tháng khỏi thiếu tiền
      • tính từ
        • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) đúng, thích hợp
          • it is meet that: đúng là

      Advanced English dictionary

      verb, noun
      + verb (met, met )
      by chance
      1 [no passive] to be in the same place as sb by chance and talk to them: [V] I hope we'll meet again soon. + [VN] Did you meet anyone in town?
      by arrangement
      2 [no passive] to come together formally in order to discuss sth: [V] The committee meets on Fridays. + [VN] The Prime Minister met other European leaders for talks.
      3 [no passive] to come together socially after you have arranged it: [V] Let's meet for a drink after work. + [VN] We're meeting them outside the theatre at 7.
      4 [VN] to go to a place and wait there for a particular person to arrive: Will you meet me at the airport? + The hotel bus meets all incoming flights.
      for the first time
      5 [no passive] to see and know sb for the first time; to be introduced to sb: [VN] Where did you first meet your husband? + (especially BrE) Pleased to meet you. + (AmE) Nice meeting you. + There's someone I want you to meet. + [V] I don't think we've met.
      in contest
      6 [no passive] to play, fight, etc. together as opponents in a competition: [V, VN] Sampras and Agassi met in last year's final. + Sampras met Agassi in last year's final.
      experience sth
      7 [VN] to experience sth, often sth unpleasant
      Others have met similar problems. + How she met her death will probably never be known.
      touch / join
      8 to touch sth; to join: [V] The curtains don't meet in the middle. + [VN] That's where the river meets the sea. + His hand met hers.
      9 [VN] to do or satisfy what is needed or what sb asks for: How can we best meet the needs of all the different groups? + Until these conditions are met we cannot proceed with the sale. + I can't possibly meet that deadline.
      10 [VN] to pay sth: The cost will be met by the company.
      Idioms: meet sb's eye(s)
      1 (also meet sb's gaze, look, etc., people's eyes meet) if you meet sb's eye(s), you look directly at them as they look at you; if two people's eyes meet, they look directly at each other: She was afraid to meet my eye. + Their eyes met across the crowded room. + She met his gaze without flinching.
      2 if a sight meets your eyes, you see it: A terrible sight met their eyes.
      meet sb halfway to reach an agreement with sb by giving them part of what they want: If he was prepared to apologize, the least she could do was meet him halfway and accept some of the blame.
      meet your Maker (especially humorous) to die
      there is more to sb/sth than meets the eye a person or thing is more complicated or interesting than you might think at first
      more at END n., MATCH n., TWAIN
      Phrasal Verbs: meet up (with sb) to meet sb, especially by arrangement: They met up again later for a drink.
      meet with sb (especially AmE) to meet sb, especially for discussions: The President met with senior White House aides.
      meet with sth (written)
      1 to be received or treated by sb in a particular way: Her proposal met with resistance from the Left. + to meet with success / failure
      2 to experience sth unpleasant: She was worried that he might have met with an accident.
      meet sth with sth to react to sth in a particular way: His suggestion was met with howls of protest.
      + noun
      1 (especially AmE) a sports competition: a track meet
      2 (BrE) an event at which horse riders and dogs hunt FOXES

      Thesaurus dictionary

      1 encounter, come across, chance on or upon, happen on or upon, stumble on or into, see, Colloq run across or into, bump into:
      Guess who I met in the park this morning!
      2 Often, meet with. rendezvous (with), get together (with); convene, assemble, gather, collect, forgather or foregather, congregate:
      I met with the mysterious stranger as arranged. The board meets at 9.00 am
      3 make the acquaintance of, be introduced to, first encounter, come across, find:
      Where did you meet your wife?
      4 link up, join, come together, unite, adjoin, abut, touch, intersect:
      The horizon is where the sky meets earth.
      5 answer, deal with, handle, satisfy, fulfil, take care of, dispose of, heed, observe, carry out; gratify, pay, settle, defray, liquidate:
      Will these precautions meet the requirements of the Department of the Environment? The police advised the parents not to meet the kidnapper's demands
      6 meet with. encounter, be met by, experience; undergo, endure, suffer, have, go through:
      All our efforts met with little or no response. Gary met with an accident yesterday.
      7 competition, contest, meeting, match, tourney, tournament; muster, rally:
      The track meet was won by our team.
      fitting, suitable, appropriate, proper, fit, congruous:
      It is meet to offer praises to God.

      Collocation dictionary

      1 come together


      the place where they had first met
      | regularly | never | up
      We met up after school.

      VERB + MEET

      arrange to | chance to, happen to
      A year or so later I happened to meet him again.


      I arranged to meet her for lunch.
      | with
      Management will meet with union representatives next week. I met up with my friends in town.


      look forward to meeting sb
      I look forward to meeting you next week.
      | nice/pleased to meet you
      (= a greeting used when you meet sb for the first time)

      2 satisfy sth


      Thet were determined to meet the challenge head-on.

      VERB + MEET

      be able to, can | be unable to, fail to
      He had failed to meet his performance targets.
      | be designed to, be tailored to
      The course is designed to meet the needs of young learners.

      3 sb's eyes/gaze/look


      levelly, squarely, unflinchingly, without flinching
      Leonora met his gaze without flinching.
      | fleetingly | challengingly, determinedly


      ~ across
      Their eyes met across the crowded room.

      Concise English dictionary

      +a meeting at which a number of athletic contests are held
      +come together
      +get together socially or for a specific purpose
      +be adjacent or come together
      +fill or meet a want or need
      +satisfy a condition or restriction
      +satisfy or fulfill
      +get to know; get acquainted with
      +collect in one place
      +meet by design; be present at the arrival of
      +contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle
      +experience as a reaction
      +undergo or suffer
      +be in direct physical contact with; make contact
      +being precisely fitting and right