US: /məˈtʃʊɹ/, /mətˈjʊɹ/
UK: /mət‍ʃˈɔː/

English Vietnamese dictionary

mature /mə'tjuə/
  • tính từ
    • chín, thành thực, trưởng thành
      • mature years: tuổi trưởng thành, tuổi thành niên
    • cẩn thận, chín chắn, kỹ càng
      • after mature deliberation: sau khi đã suy xét kỹ càng; sau khi đã đắn đo suy nghĩ
      • the plan is not mature yet: kế hoạch chưa chín chắn
    • (thương nghiệp) đến kỳ hạn phải thanh toán; mân kỳ (hoá đơn)
    • ngoại động từ
      • làm cho chín, làm cho chín chắn, làm cho hoàn thiện (kế hoạch...)
      • nội động từ
        • chín trở nên chín chắn, trưởng thành, hoàn thiện
        • mân hạn, mân kỳ, đến kỳ hạn phải thanh toán (hoá đơn)
          • when does this bill mature?: đến khi nào cái hoá đơn này phải thanh toán?

      Advanced English dictionary

      adjective, verb
      + adjective
      Help Note: maturer is occasionally used instead of more mature
      1 (of a child or young person) behaving in a sensible way, like an adult: Jane is very mature for her age. + a mature and sensible attitude
      Antonym: IMMATURE
      fully grown
      2 (of a person, a tree, a bird or an animal) fully grown and developed: sexually mature + a mature oak / eagle / elephant
      Antonym: IMMATURE
      wine / cheese
      3 developed over a period of time to produce a strong, rich flavour
      no longer young
      4 used as a polite or humorous way of saying that sb is no longer young: clothes for the mature woman + a man of mature years
      work of art
      5 created late in an artist's life and showing great understanding and skill
      insurance policy
      6 (business) ready to be paid
      maturely adverb
      Idioms: on mature reflection / consideration (formal) after thinking about sth carefully and for a long time
      + verb
      become fully grown
      1 [V] to become fully grown or developed: This particular breed of cattle matures early. + Technology in this field has matured considerably over the last decade.
      become sensible
      2 [V] to develop emotionally and start to behave like a sensible adult: He has matured a great deal over the past year.
      develop skill
      3 [V] ~ (into sth) to fully develop a particular skill or quality: She has matured into one of the country's finest actresses.
      wine / cheese
      4 [V, VN] if wine, cheese, etc. matures or is matured, it develops over a period of time to produce a strong, rich flavour
      insurance policy
      5 [V] (business) to reach the date when it must be paid: She has a number of investments that mature at the end of the year.

      Thesaurus dictionary

      1 adult, grown (up), full-grown, fully grown, of age, fully fledged, full-fledged, fully developed, matured, experienced, knowledgeable, sophisticated:
      At twenty-two, she is mature enough to be on her own.
      2 ripe, ready, ripened, mellow, aged,' seasoned:
      A good wine, like fruit, should not be consumed till it is mature.
      3 complete, matured, perfect, perfected, polished, refined, ready, fully developed, consummated:
      Our plans are not yet mature.
      4 grow up, age, develop, come of age; Brit be one's age, US act one's age:
      Has he matured sufficiently to be trusted alone in the house for the weekend? I wish he'd mature a bit more
      5 ripen, mellow, age, season; maturate:
      Fruit that has matured on the plant tastes best.
      6 develop, perfect, refine, polish, maturate, bring to fruition:
      Their plans for major changes in company structure have not yet fully matured.

      Collocation dictionary


      be | become


      fully | emotionally, physically, sexually


      a fully matured cheese
      | early
      This variety is easy to grow and matures early.
      | quickly, rapidly | slowly | emotionally, physically
      The teenage years cover a period in which people mature physically and emotionally.


      allow sth to, leave sth to
      The cheese is smoked and then left to mature.


      She had matured into a beautiful young woman.
      | to
      a young man who is maturing to adulthood

      Concise English dictionary

      +develop and reach maturity; undergo maturation
      +develop and work out fully in one's mind
      +become due for repayment
      +cause to ripen or develop fully
      +grow old or older
      +cause to ripen and discharge pus
      +characteristic of maturity
      +fully considered and perfected
      +having reached full natural growth or development
      +fully developed or matured and ready to be eaten or used
      +(of birds) having developed feathers or plumage; often used in combination