US: /ˈmæɫəs/, /ˈmæɫɪs/
UK: /mˈælɪs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

malice /'mælis/
  • danh từ
    • tính hiểm độc, ác tâm

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
[U] a feeling of hatred for sb that causes a desire to harm them: He sent the letter out of malice. + She is entirely without malice. + He certainly bears you no malice (= does not want to harm you). + The ghosts are described as if they bear actual malice towards humans.
Idioms: with malice aforethought (law) with the deliberate intention of committing a crime or harming sb

Collocation dictionary


pure, sheer


bear (sb), feel, have
He bore me no malice. She felt no malice. She has no malice in her.


out of ~
She sacked him out of sheer malice.
| with/without ~
‘You're lying,’ he said, without malice.
| ~ towards
I bear no malice towards anybody.

Concise English dictionary

+feeling a need to see others suffer
+the quality of threatening evil