US: /ˈɫəv/
UK: /lˈʌv/

English Vietnamese dictionary

love /lʌv/
  • danh từ
    • lòng yêu, tình thương
      • love of one's country: lòng yêu nước
      • a mother's love for her children: tình mẹ yêu con
    • tình yêu, mối tình, ái tình
      • first love: mối tình đầu
      • never trifle with love: không nên đùa bỡn với tình yêu
      • to be in love with: yêu (ai)
      • to fall in love with: đâm ra yêu (phải lòng) (ai)
      • to make love to someone: tán tỉnh ai, tỏ tình với ai; ôm ấp hôn hít ai, ăn nằm với ai
      • to marry for love: kết hôn vì tình
    • người yêu, người tình
    • thần ái tình
    • (thông tục) người đáng yêu; vật đáng yêu
    • (thể dục,thể thao) điểm không, không (quần vợt)
      • love all: không không (hai bên cùng không được điểm nào)
      • love forty: không bốn mươi
      • a love set: một ván thua trắng (người thua không được điểm nào)
    • to love in a cottage
      • ái tình và nước lã
    • one can't get it for love or money
      • không có cách gì lấy được cái đó
    • to play for love
      • chơi vì thích không phải vì tiền
    • there is no love lost between them
      • chúng nó ghét nhau như đào đất đổ đi
  • ngoại động từ
    • yêu, thương, yêu mến
      • to love one another: yêu nhau, thương nhau
    • thích, ưa thích
      • to love sports: thích thể thao
      • to love music: thích âm nhạc
      • he loves to be praised: nó thích được khen

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
1 [U] a strong feeling of deep affection for sb/sth, especially a member of your family or a friend: a mother's love for her children + love of your country + He seems incapable of love.
2 [U] a strong feeling of affection for sb that you are sexually attracted to: a love song / story + We're in love! + She was in love with him. + They fell in love with each other. + It was love at first sight (= they were attracted to each other the first time they met). + They're madly in love. + Their love grew with the years.
3 [U, sing.] the strong feeling of enjoyment that sth gives you: a love of learning / nature / music + He's in love with his work. + I fell in love with the house.
sb / sth you like
4 [C] a person, a thing or an activity that you like very much: Take care, my love. + He was the love of my life (= the person I loved most). + I like most sports but tennis is my first love.
friendly name
5 [C] (BrE, spoken, informal) a word used as a friendly way of addressing sb: Can I help you, love?
Compare: DUCK
in tennis
6 [U] a score of zero (points or games): 40love! + She won the first set sixlove / six games to love.
Idioms: (just) for love
(just) for the love of sth without receiving payment or any other reward: They're all volunteers, working for the love of it.
for the love of God (old-fashioned, spoken) used when you are expressing anger and the fact that you are impatient: For the love of God, tell me what he said!
give / send my love to sb (informal) used to send friendly greetings to sb: Give my love to Mary when you see her. + Bob sends his love.
love from
lots of love (from) (written, informal) used at the end of a letter to a friend or to sb you love, followed by your name: Lots of love, Jenny
make love (to sb) to have sex: It was the first time they had made love.
not for love or / nor money if you say you cannot do sth for love nor money, you mean it is completely impossible to do it: We couldn't find a taxi for love nor money.
there's little / no love lost between A and B they do not like each other: There's no love lost between her and her in-laws.
more at CUPBOARD, FAIR adj., HEAD n., LABOUR n.
+ verb
feel affection
1 [VN] (not used in the progressive tenses) to have very strong feelings of affection for sb: I love you. + If you love each other, why not get married? + Her much-loved brother lay dying of Aids. + He had become a well-loved and respected member of staff. + Relatives need time to grieve over loved ones they have lost. + to love your country
like / enjoy
2 to like or enjoy sth very much: [VN] I really love summer evenings. + I just love it when you bring me presents! + He loved the way she smiled. + I love it in Spain (= I like the life there). + It was one of his best-loved songs. + (ironic) You're going to love this. They've changed their minds again. + [V -ing] (especially in BrE) My dad loves going to football games. + [V to inf] (especially AmE) I love to go out dancing. + [VN to inf] He loved her to sing to him.
3 (would love) used to say that you would very much like sth: [V to inf] Come on Rory, the kids would love to hear you sing. + I haven't been to Brazil, but I'd love to. + [VN to inf] I'd love her to come and live with us. + [VN] 'Cigarette?' 'I'd love one, but I've just given up.'
Idioms: love you and leave you (spoken, humorous) used to say that you must go, although you would like to stay longer: Well, time to love you and leave you.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 warmth, affection, attachment, fondness, tenderness, devotion, attraction, friendship, amity, regard, admiration, fancy, adoration, adulation, ardour, passion, fervour, rapture, infatuation:
Her love for him grew over the years.
2 liking, delight, enjoyment, pleasure, fondness, attraction, predilection, bent, leaning, proclivity, inclination, disposition, weakness, partiality, preference, taste, relish, passion:
In his retirement, Charles has developed a love for golf.
3 darling, beloved, sweetheart, sweetie, sweet, honey, dear one, dearest, angel, turtle-dove, true-love, light of one's life, lover, paramour, mate, intended, betrothed; girlfriend, inamorata, lady-love, young lady, fiancée; boyfriend, beau, inamorato, suitor, swain, young man, fiancé, Archaic leman, tally, US POSSLQ (= 'Person of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters'), Colloq girl, woman, guy, man:
Let me tell you something, my love. Come live with me and be my love.
4 sympathy, tenderness, concern, charity, care, solicitude, affinity, rapport, harmony, brotherhood, sisterhood, fellow-feeling:
He has great love for his fellow human beings.
5 love affair.
(a) amour, liaison, affair, romance, relationship, affaire de coeur, intrigue:
He's been having a love affair with his secretary.
(b) passion, mania, Colloq thing:
George allows nothing to interfere with his love affair with tennis.
6 make love (to) or (with). embrace, cuddle, caress, fondle, have sexual intercourse, Archaic take, know, Colloq neck, pet, canoodle, romance, have sex, make the beast with two backs, US and Canadian make out; Taboo Slang screw, fuck, hump, bang, Brit roger, bonk:
He still makes love to his wife even though they are both in their eighties.
7 cherish, admire, adore, be in love with, lose one's heart to, worship, idolize, dote on, treasure, be infatuated with, think the world of, adulate, hold dear, like, Colloq be hung up on, be crazy or nuts or wild or mad about, have a crush on:
Only after ten years of friendship did she discover that she loved him
8 delight in, take pleasure in, derive pleasure or enjoyment from, relish, be partial to, have a passion or preference or taste for, be attracted to, be captivated by, be fond of, like, enjoy, appreciate, value, Colloq get a kick from or out of, be wild about, be thrilled by, US get a bang or charge from or out of:
She loves chocolates. I just love your new dress! Love me, love my dog.

Collocation dictionary


deep, great, overwhelming, passionate
her deep love for him
| genuine, pure, real, true | unconditional | abiding, eternal, undying
He had an abiding love of the English countryside. You have my undying love.
| hopeless, unrequited
a sad tale of unrequited love
| thwarted
a play about thwarted love
| mutual | free
They were into free love and avoided commitment.
| first
I like most sports but tennis is my first love.
| brotherly, maternal, parental, sisterly | courtly, platonic, romantic
the cult of courtly love in twelfth-century Aquitaine
| erotic, physical, sexual | heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian | redemptive | divine, human


feel, have
She felt no love for him. He had a great love of life.
| search for, seek | find
At last she had found true love.
| express, show | declare, profess
They publicly declared their love for each other.
| promise
‘You promised me love!’ he cried despairingly.
| return
He didn't return her love.
| share
They share a love of music.
| give sb, send (sb)
Bob sends his love.
| be in, fall in
He fell in love with one of his students.
| fall out of | make
(= have sex)It was the first time they had made love. He wanted to make love to her.


affair | life | letter | scene, song, story


for/out of ~
I did it for love!
| in ~
We are very much in love.
| ~ between
the love between parent and child
| ~ for
He did not know how to express his love for her.
| ~ of
She had a great love of painting.


an act of love, deeply/madly/passionately in love
I was madly in love with her.
| desperately/hopelessly in love, head over heels in love, love at first sight
Do you believe in love at first sight?
| the love of sb's life
She was the love of his life.

Concise English dictionary

+a strong positive emotion of regard and affection
+any object of warm affection or devotion
+a beloved person; used as terms of endearment
+a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction
+a score of zero in tennis or squash
+sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people
+have a great affection or liking for
+get pleasure from
+be enamored or in love with
+have sexual intercourse with