US: /ˈɫus/
UK: /lˈuːs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

loose /lu:s/
  • tính từ
    • lỏng, không chặt, chùng, không căng, không khít, rời ra, lung lay, long ra, lòng thòng
      • loose hair: tóc không bím lại, tóc buông xoã
      • loose sheets: những tờ giấy rời
      • a loose tooth: cái răng lung lay
      • a loose screw: cái ốc long ra, ốc vặn không chặt
      • with a loose rein: thả lỏng dây cương; một cách phóng túng, thoải mái
    • rộng lùng thùng, lùng nhùng (quần áo)
    • xốp, mềm, dễ cày, dễ làm tơi (đất)
    • lẻ, nhỏ (tiền)
      • loose cash: tiền xu, tiền lẻ
    • mơ hồ, không rõ ràng, không chính xác; không chặt chẽ, phóng (lý luận, dịch, viết văn...)
      • a loose translation: sự dịch phóng; bản dịch phóng
      • loose argument: lý lẽ không chặt chẽ, lý lẽ mơ hồ
    • phóng đâng, phóng túng, không nghiêm, không chặt chẽ, ẩu, bừa bâi... (đạo đức, tính tình, kỷ luật...)
      • loose morals: đạo đức không nghiêm
      • a loose fish: kẻ phóng đãng
      • a loose build; a loose make: dáng người thườn thượt
      • loose handwriting: chữ viết nguệch ngoạc
    • (y học) yếu, hay ỉa chảy (ruột)
    • to be at a loose end
      • nhàn rỗi, ăn không ngồi rồi, vô công rỗi nghề
    • to break loose
      • (xem) break
    • to cast loose
      • (hàng hải) thả dây
    • to get loose from
      • gỡ ra, tháo ra, thoát ra
    • to have a loose tongue
      • ăn nói ba hoa, nói năng bừa bãi
    • to have a tile loose
      • mắc bệnh loạn óc, mất trí, ngớ ngẩn
    • to let (set) loose
      • thả lỏng, buông lỏng, cho tự do
    • to play fast and loose
      • (xem) fast
  • danh từ
    • sự buông lỏng, sự trút, sự tuôn ra
      • to give a loose to one's feelings: trút hết tình cảm, để tình cảm tuôn ra
      • to be on the loose: ăn chơi lu bù, rượu chè trai gái
  • ngoại động từ
    • thả lỏng, buông lỏng, thả ra, cởi ra, tháo ra, buông ra, nới ra, làm rời ra, gỡ ra
    • (hàng hải) thả (dây buộc, buồm)
    • (+ at) bắn ra, phóng ra (viên đạn, mũi tên...)
    • nội động từ
      • (+ at) bắn vào (ai)
      • to loose hold
        • buông ra, bỏ ra
      • to loose someone's tongue
        • làm ai mở miệng nói được, không líu lưỡi nữa
      • làm cho nói ba hoa
        • a few cups of alcohol loosed his tongue: vài chén rượu làm cho hắn ăn nói ba hoa

    Advanced English dictionary

    adjective, verb, noun
    + adjective (looser, loosest)
    not fixed / tied
    1 not firmly fixed where it should be; able to become separated from sth: a loose button / tooth + Check that the plug has not come loose.
    2 not tied together; not held in position by anything or contained in anything: She usually wears her hair loose. + The potatoes were sold loose, not in bags.
    3 [not usually before noun] free to move around without control; not tied up or shut in somewhere: The sheep had got out and were loose on the road. + The horse had broken loose (= escaped) from its tether. + During the night, somebody had cut the boat loose from its moorings.
    4 not fitting closely: a loose jacket / shirt + The jeans are a little on the loose side.
    Antonym: TIGHT
    not solid / hard
    5 not tightly packed together; not solid or hard: loose soil + a fabric with a loose weave
    not strict / exact
    6 not strictly organized or controlled: a loose alliance / coalition / federation + a loose association of artists, writers and composers
    7 not exact; not very careful: a loose translation + loose thinking
    8 [usually before noun] (old-fashioned) having or involving an attitude to sexual relationships that people consider to be immoral: a young man of loose morals
    9 (sport) not in any player's control: He pounced on a loose ball.
    body waste
    10 having too much liquid in it: a baby with loose bowel movements
    looseness noun [U]
    Idioms: break / cut / tear (sth) loose from sb/sth to separate yourself or sb/sth from a group of people or their influence, etc: The organization broke loose from its sponsors. + He cut himself loose from his family.
    hang / stay loose (informal, especially AmE) to remain calm; to not worry: It's OK-hang loose and stay cool.
    have a loose tongue to talk too much, especially about things that are private
    let loose (BrE) (AmE cut loose) (informal) to do sth or to happen in a way that is not controlled: Teenagers need a place to let loose.
    let loose sth to make a noise or remark, especially in a loud or sudden way: She let loose a stream of abuse.
    let sb/sth loose
    1 to free sb/sth from whatever holds them/it in place: She let her hair loose and it fell around her shoulders. + Who's let the dog loose?
    2 to give sb complete freedom to do what they want in a place or situation: He was at last let loose in the kitchen. + A team of professionals were let loose on the project.
    more at FAST adv., HELL, SCREW n.
    + verb [VN] (formal)
    1 ~ sth (on / upon sb/sth) to release sth or let it happen or be expressed in an uncontrolled way: His speech loosed a tide of nationalist sentiment.
    make sth loose
    2 to make sth loose, especially sth that is tied or held tightly: He loosed the straps that bound her arms.
    fire bullets
    3 ~ sth (off) (at sb/sth) to fire bullets, arrows, etc.
    Help Note: Do not confuse this verb with to lose = 'to be unable to find sth'.
    + noun
    Idioms: on the loose (of a person or an animal) having escaped from somewhere; free: Three prisoners are still on the loose.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 unattached, unconnected, disconnected, detached, free, unsecured, unfastened, movable:
    I have a loose tooth. The vacuum cleaner will pick up any loose bits
    2 unconfined, untied, unfettered, released, freed, unshackled, unchained; free, at liberty, at large, on the loose, untrammelled:
    In Pamplona, they allow loose bulls to run through the streets to the arena
    3 unconfining, free-flowing, flowing, baggy, slack, hanging:
    That skirt is loose on you since you lost weight.
    4 disordered, disorganized, unbound, untied, messy; strewn or spread or tossed or thrown about or around, scattered (about or around), in disorder, in disarray, dispersed:
    On the desk was a loose pile of papers.
    5 rambling, disconnected, unstructured, unconnected, discontinuous, non-specific, unspecific, indefinite, imprecise, inexact, inaccurate, free, broad, rough, offhand, casual, careless, untidy, sloppy, slapdash, general, vague:
    He gave a loose description of his assailant. A loose translation does not convey the flavour of the original
    6 lax, relaxed, negligent, careless, sloppy:
    Discipline has been quite loose around here lately.
    7 wanton, dissolute, debauched, immoral, promiscuous, abandoned, fast, libertine, profligate, licentious, lewd, perverted, corrupt:
    She was quickly gaining a reputation for being a loose woman.
    8 break loose. escape, flee:
    The boy broke loose from my grasp and ran to greet his mother.
    9 hang or stay loose. relax, stay or keep calm or cool, cool off or down, sit back, take it easy:
    Hang loose and everything will be all right.
    10 let or set or turn loose. discharge, let go (with); emit, give out (with), fire:
    They let him loose after questioning. She let loose a stream of invective like a fishwife.
    11 let go, (set) free, release, let or set or turn loose; liberate, deliver:
    Ten thousand balloons were loosed in the celebration.
    12 untie, undo, unfasten, let go, disengage, relax, ease, loosen, slacken;, cast off:
    Loose these ropes, please.
    13 let go, let fly, fire, discharge, shoot, unleash, deliver:
    We loosed a devastating barrage at the enemy.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 not firmly fixed


    be, feel, seem
    One of the bricks feels slightly loose.
    | come, shake, work
    The top of the tap has come loose. A screw had worked loose from the door handle.
    | prise sth


    a bit, rather, slightly

    2 not tied back


    be, hang
    Her hair hung loose about her shoulders.
    | leave sth, wear sth
    Shall I wear my hair loose?

    3 not shut in or tied up


    be | cut
    break, get
    The animals had broken loose from their pens. (figurative) The organization broke loose from its sponsors. He felt he had to cut loose from his family.
    | let sth, turn sth
    I'm going to let the dogs loose.

    Concise English dictionary

    +grant freedom to; free from confinement
    +turn loose or free from restraint
    +make loose or looser
    +become loose or looser or less tight
    +not restrained or confined or attached
    +not compact or dense in structure or arrangement
    +(of a ball in sport) not in the possession or control of any player
    +not tight; not closely constrained or constricted or constricting
    +not officially recognized or controlled
    +not literal
    +emptying easily or excessively
    +not affixed
    +not tense or taut
    +(of textures) full of small openings or gaps
    +not fixed firmly or tightly
    +lacking a sense of restraint or responsibility
    +not carefully arranged in a package
    +freely producing mucus
    +having escaped, especially from confinement
    +casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior
    +not bound or fastened or gathered together
    +without restraint