US: /ˈɫɛnd/
UK: /lˈɛnd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

lend /end/ (lent) /lent/
  • ngoại động từ
    • cho vay, cho mượn
      • to lend money at interest: cho vay lãi
    • thêm phần, thêm vào
      • to lend enchantment to...: thêm vẻ huyền diệu cho...
      • to lend oribability to a story: làm chi câu chuyện thêm dễ tin
    • to lend assistance (aid) to
      • giúp đỡ
    • to lend countanance to somebody
      • (xem) countenence
    • to lend an ear
      • (xem) ear
    • to lend itself to
      • thích hợp với, có thể dùng làm
    • to lend a [helping] hand to someone
      • giúp đỡ ai một tay
    • to lend oneself to
      • thích ứng với, thích nghi với; phụ hoạ theo
    • tận lực vì, dốc tâm dốc sức vào

Advanced English dictionary

1 ~ (out) sth (to sb)
~ (sb) sth to give sth to sb or allow them to use sth that belongs to you, which they have to return to you later: [VN, VNN] I've lent the car to a friend. + Can you lend me your car this evening? + [VNN] Has he returned that book you lent him? - BORROW
2 ~ sth (to sb)
~ (sb) sth (of a bank or financial institution) to give money to sb on condition that they pay it back over a period of time and pay interest on it: [VN, VNN] The bank refused to lend the money to us. + They refused to lend us the money. [also V]
Compare: BORROW
3 ~ sth (to sb/sth)
~ (sb/sth) sth (written) to give a particular quality to a person or a situation: [VN] The setting sun lent an air of melancholy to the scene. + [VNN] Her presence lent the occasion a certain dignity.
4 ~ sth (to sb/sth)
~ (sb/sth) sth to give or provide help, support, etc: [VN] I was more than happy to lend my support to such a good cause. + [VNN] He came along to lend me moral support.
Idioms: lend an ear (to sb/sth) to listen in a patient and sympathetic way to sb
lend (sb) a (helping) hand (with sth) (informal) to help sb with sth: I went over to see if I could lend a hand.
lend your name to sth (formal)
1 to let it be known in public that you support or agree with sth: I am more than happy to lend my name to this campaign.
2 to have a place named after you
lend support, weight, credence, etc. to sth to make sth seem more likely to be true or genuine: This latest evidence lends support to her theory.
more at HELP v.
Phrasal Verbs: lend itself to sth to be suitable for sth: Her voice doesn't really lend itself well to blues singing.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 make a loan of, loan, advance:
The bank agreed to lend me the money for a boat.
2 impart, furnish, bestow, give, confer, contribute, add:
The silk scarf lends cachet to the whole outfit.
3 lend itself to. suit, fit, be fitted or appropriate or suitable (to or for), be applicable or adaptable (to or for):
The book lends itself well to film adaptation.

Collocation dictionary


She very kindly lent me her bicycle.


be prepared to, be willing to | refuse to, be unwilling to
The bank was unwilling to lend him the money.
| persuade sb to


I've lent my car to George for the weekend.

Concise English dictionary

+bestow a quality on
+give temporarily; let have for a limited time
+have certain characteristics of qualities for something; be open or vulnerable to