US: /ˈɫɛʒɝ/, /ˈɫiʒɝ/
UK: /lˈɛʒɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

leisure /'leʤə/
  • danh từ
    • thì giờ rỗi rãi, lúc thư nhàn
      • at leisure: rỗi việc, có thì giờ rảnh, nhàn nhã; ung dung, không vội vàng
      • at one's leisure: vào lúc rỗi rãi, vào lúc rảnh rang
      • to wait someone's leisure: chờ ai có thì giờ rảnh

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
[U] time that is spent doing what you enjoy when you are not working or studying: These days we have more money and more leisure to enjoy it. + leisure activities / interests / pursuits + Make the most of your leisure time! + the leisure industry
Idioms: at leisure
1 with no particular activities; free: Spend the afternoon at leisure in the town centre.
2 without hurrying: Let's have lunch so we can talk at leisure.
at your leisure (formal) when you have the time to do sth without hurrying: I suggest you take the forms away and read them at your leisure.
a gentleman / lady of leisure (humorous) a man/woman who does not have to work

Thesaurus dictionary

1 spare or free time, time (off), liberty, freedom, opportunity:
How many people these days have the leisure to do what they like?
2 holiday, vacation, respite, relief, rest, recreation, relaxation, ease, breathing-space, quiet, tranquillity, repose, US military rest and recreation, R and R:
Everyone needs a few days of leisure now and then.
3 at leisure.
(a) unoccupied, inactive, retired, resting, free, on holiday or Chiefly US and Canadian vacation; at liberty, available, unemployed:
I have been at leisure for a year now.
(b) Often, at one's leisure. at one's convenience, when convenient, unhurriedly, in one's own time:
I shall mow the lawn at my leisure.
4 recreational:
The 'leisure industry' is booming with theme parks opening throughout the country
5 free, unoccupied, non-working, unencumbered, idle, holiday, vacation:
How do you usually spend your leisure time?

Collocation dictionary


We have more leisure than our parents had.


hours, time | activities, interests, pursuits | centre, complex | facilities | equipment, goods | industry

Concise English dictionary

'lɪːʒər /'leʒə
+time available for ease and relaxation
+freedom to choose a pastime or enjoyable activity