US: /ˈɫɝnd/, /ˈɫɝnɪd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

learned /'lə:nid/
  • tính từ
    • hay chữ, có học thức, thông thái, uyên bác
      • a learned man: nhà học giả
    • của các nhà học giả; đòi hỏi học vấn
      • learned professions: nghề đòi hỏi có học vấn (như bác sĩ, luật sư...)

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective [usually before noun]
1 (formal) having a lot of knowledge because you have studied and read a lot: a learned professor
See also - FRIEND (5)
2 (formal) connected with or for learned people; showing and expressing deep knowledge
a learned journal
3 developed by training or experience; not existing at birth: a learned skill + We all have different learned responses to anger.

Thesaurus dictionary

(well-)informed, erudite, knowledgeable, au fait, cultured, intellectual, highbrow, (well-)educated, scholarly, academic, scholastic, lettered, experienced, skilled, practised, accomplished, expert, literate, well-read, (well-)versed, (well-)trained, (well-)grounded:
The consultants to the encyclopedia are all learned people.

Concise English dictionary

'lɜrnɪd /'lɜːn-
+having or showing profound knowledge
+highly educated; having extensive information or understanding
+established by conditioning or learning
+acquired by learning

learnt|learns|learned|learninglɜrn /lɜːn
+gain knowledge or skills
+get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally
+commit to memory; learn by heart
+be a student of a certain subject
+impart skills or knowledge to
+find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort