US: /ˈɫin/
UK: /lˈiːn/

English Vietnamese dictionary

lean /li:n/
  • danh từ
    • độ nghiêng, độ dốc
    • chỗ nạc
    • tính từ
      • gầy còm
      • nạc, không dính mỡ (thịt)
      • đói kém, mất mùa
        • a lean year: một năm đói kém, một năm mất mùa
      • không bổ (thức ăn); gầy (than, quặng...); không lợi lộc gì (việc làm)
      • ngoại động từ leaned, leant
        • dựa, tựa, chống
        • nội động từ
          • nghiêng đi
          • (+ back, forward, out, over) cúi, ngả người
            • to lean forward: ngả người về phía trước
          • (+ against, on, upon) dựa, tựa, chống
            • to lean against the wall: dựa vào tường
          • ỷ vào, dựa vào; (quân sự) dựa vào sự yểm hộ bên sườn của (một đạo quân...)
            • to lean on someone's help: dựa vào sự giúp đỡ của ai
          • (+ to, towards) nghiêng về, thiên về
            • to lean towards communism: thiên về chủ nghĩa cộng sản

        Advanced English dictionary

        verb, adjective, noun
        + verb (leaned, leaned) (BrE also leant, leant )
        1 [V] [usually +adv./prep.] to bend or move from an upright position: I leaned back in my chair. + The tower is leaning dangerously. + A man was leaning out of the window.
        2 [V] ~ against / on sth to rest on or against sth for support: A shovel was leaning against the wall. + She walked slowly, leaning on her son's arm.
        3 [VN] ~ sth against / on sth to make sth rest against sth in a sloping position: Can I lean my bike against the wall?
        Idioms see BACKWARDS
        Phrasal Verbs: lean on sb/sth
        1 to depend on sb/sth for help and support: He leans heavily on his family.
        2 to try to influence sb by threatening them: The government has been leaning on the TV company not to broadcast the show.
        lean to / towards / toward sth to have a tendency to prefer sth, especially a particular opinion or interest: The UK leant towards the US proposal.
        + adjective (leaner, leanest)
        1 (usually approving) (of people, especially men, or animals) without much flesh; thin and fit: a lean, muscular body + He was tall, lean and handsome.
        2 (of meat) containing little or no fat: a lean, tender piece of beef
        3 [usually before noun] (of a period of time) difficult and not producing much money, food, etc: a lean period / spell + The company recovered well after going through several lean years. + This is the leanest time of the year for the tourist industry. + Many animals have a lean time of it in winter.
        4 (of organizations, etc.) strong and efficient because the number of employees has been reduced: The changes made the company leaner and more competitive.
        leanness noun [U]: The dark clothes emphasized the leanness of her body.
        + noun [U] the part of meat that has little or no fat

        Thesaurus dictionary

        1 thin, slim, slender, rangy, spare, wiry, lanky, lank, skinny, angular, bony, raw-boned, gaunt, gangling, gangly, spare, meagre, skeletal, scraggy, scrawny, haggard, emaciated, pinched, wasted, shrunken, macilent:
        He has the lean leggy build typical of a runner.
        2 unfruitful, unproductive, barren, infertile, poor, meagre, scanty, bare, arid, sparse, impoverished:
        The Kanes tried for years to eke a living from the lean soil.
        3 impoverished, destitute, needy, poverty-stricken, penurious, indigent, necessitous, hard, bad, difficult:
        The Depression was a lean period for most people.
        1 rest (against or on or upon), be held up or supported by:
        She leant her head on his shoulder.
        2 incline, slant, tilt, bend, tip:
        Isn't that pole leaning over too much?
        3 Often, lean towards. favour, gravitate towards, tend towards, be disposed towards, prefer, show a preference for, incline towards, be or lean on the side of, be biased towards, be (prejudiced) in favour of:
        She leans towards conservatism when it comes to morality.
        4 lean on.
        (a) rely on, depend on, count on, believe or trust in, pin one's hopes or faith on or upon:
        You can lean on me if you need help.
        (b) pressure, bring pressure to bear on, intimidate, threaten, cow, terrorize, terrify, scare, frighten, warn, menace, endanger, imperil, Brit pressurize:
        Sometimes the gang would lean on a shopkeeper who refused to pay for 'protection'.
        bent, inclination, bias, prejudice, favouritism, partiality, predilection, liking, taste, preference, penchant, sympathy, tendency, tendentiousness:
        The judges' leanings in favour of short-haired dogs are well known.

        Collocation dictionary


        heavily | lightly | slightly | casually, easily, lazily, nonchalantly | eagerly | earnestly | confidentially, confidingly, conspiratorially | weakly, wearily | drunkenly | precariously | close, near
        He leaned closer, lowering his voice.
        | across, forward, down, out, over
        She leant forward eagerly to listen to him.
        | away, back, backwards
        He leaned back in his chair.
        | sideways


        She was leaning confidentially across the table.
        | against
        She leaned her head against his shoulder.
        | into
        He leaned into the open doorway.
        | on
        The old man was leaning heavily on a stick.
        | out of
        She leaned precariously out of the window.
        | over
        She leaned casually over the railings.
        | through
        The taxi driver leaned through his window.
        | towards
        He leaned towards her.
        PHRASAL VERBS lean on sb/sth


        Britain leans heavily on Europe for trade.

        Concise English dictionary

        +the property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the vertical
        +to incline or bend from a vertical position
        +cause to lean or incline
        +have a tendency or disposition to do or be something; be inclined
        +rely on for support
        +cause to lean to the side
        +lacking excess flesh
        +lacking in mineral content or combustible material
        +containing little excess
        +not profitable or prosperous