US: /ˈɫævɪʃ/
UK: /lˈævɪʃ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

lavish /'læviʃ/
  • tính từ
    • xài phí, lãng phí, hoang toàng
      • to be lavish in spending one's money: ăn tiêu lãng phí hoang toàng
      • to live in lavish style: sống hoang toàng
    • nhiều, quá nhiều
      • to be lavish in (of) one's praise: khen ngợi quá nhiều lời
  • ngoại động từ
    • tiêu xài hoang phí, lãng phí
      • to lavish money upon one's pleasures: xài tiền hoang phí vào những thú vui
    • cho nhiều, cho rộng rãi
      • to lavish care and affection on one's children: nuông chiều con cái

Advanced English dictionary

adjective, verb
+ adjective
1 large in amount, or impressive, and usually costing a lot of money
lavish gifts / costumes / celebrations + They lived a very lavish lifestyle. + They rebuilt the house on an even more lavish scale than before. + It was one of the most lavish weddings I've ever been to.
2 ~ (with / in sth) giving or doing sth generously: He was lavish in his praise for her paintings.
lavishly adverb: lavishly decorated / illustrated + She entertains her friends lavishly.
Phrasal Verbs: lavish sth on / upon sb/sth (written) to give a lot of sth, often too much, to sb/sth: She lavishes most of her attention on her youngest son.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 profuse, abundant, liberal, copious, plentiful, prolific, opulent:
He wore a silk tunic with lavish gold embroidery.
2 generous, liberal, open-handed, unstinting, bountiful, unsparing, unselfish, effusive, free:
She showered the most lavish gifts on her children.
3 extravagant, wasteful, exaggerated, prodigal, improvident, excessive, unreasonable, immoderate, profligate, uncurbed, unrestrained, intemperate:
The council was accused of lavish overspending on the civic centre.
4 squander, waste, throw away, dissipate, spend, expend, sink:
We lavished a fortune on the gardens.
5 shower, bestow, thrust, heap, pour:
Granny always lavished gifts on us.

Concise English dictionary

+expend profusely; also used with abstract nouns
+very generous
+characterized by extravagance and profusion