US: /ˈɫɑɹdʒ/
UK: /lˈɑːd‍ʒ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

large /lɑ:dʤ/
  • tính từ
    • rộng, lớn, to
      • a large town: một thành phố lớn
    • rộng rãi
      • to give someone large powers: cho ai quyền hành rộng rãi
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) rộng lượng, hào phóng
      • a large heart: một tấm lòng rộng lượng, một tấm lòng hào phóng
    • as larges as life
      • to như vật thật
  • danh từ
    • (+ at) tự do, không bị giam cầm
      • to be at large: được tự do
      • gentleman at large: người không có nghề nhất định
    • đầy đủ chi tiết, dài dòng
      • to talk at large: nói chuyện dài dòng
      • to write at large: viết dài dòng
      • to scatter imputation at large: nói đổng
    • nói chung
      • the people at large: nhân dân nói chung
      • in large: trên quy mô lớn
  • phó từ
    • rộng rãi
    • huênh hoang, khoác lác
      • to talk large: nói huênh hoang
    • by anf large
      • (xem) by
    • sail large
      • chạy xiên gió (tàu)

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective (larger, largest)
1 big in size or quantity: a large area / family / house / car / appetite + a large number of people + very large sums of money + He's a very large child for his age. + A large proportion of old people live alone. + Women usually do the larger share of the housework. + Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee. + Who's the rather large (= fat) lady in the hat?
2 (abbreviation L) used to describe one size in a range of sizes of clothes, food, products used in the house, etc: small, medium, large + It's better value if you buy a large box.
3 wide in range and involving many things: a large and complex issue + Some drugs are being used on a much larger scale than previously. + If we look at the larger picture of the situation, the differences seem slight. - BIG
largeness noun [U]
Idioms: at large
1 (used after a noun) as a whole; in general: the opinion of the public at large
2 (of a dangerous person or animal) not captured; free: Her killer is still at large.
by and large (informal) used when you are saying something that is generally, but not completely, true: By and large, I enjoyed my time at school.
in large part
in large measure (formal) to a great extent: Their success is due in large part to their determination.
(as) large as life (humorous) used to show surprise at seeing sb/sth: I hadn't seen her for fifteen years and then there she was, (as) large as life.
larger than life looking or behaving in a way that is more interesting or exciting than other people, and so is likely to attract attention: He's a larger than life character-noisy, very friendly, and always joking.
more at LOOM v., WRIT v.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 big, great, broad, stout, heavy, thickset, chunky, stocky, heavy-set, brawny, husky, sturdy, hefty, muscular, strapping, burly, solid, weighty, corpulent, fat, obese, rotund, portly, adipose, beamy, overweight:
Two large gentlemen came up and offered to help me find the door.
2 big, generous, bountiful, charitable, eleemosynary, philanthropic, open-handed, magnanimous, munificent, unselfish, big-hearted, large-hearted, substantial, considerable, ample, beneficent, liberal; goodly, kind, good; Colloq tidy:
We have to thank Mr Wilson for large donations to our Christmas fund
3 big, huge, ample, enormous, gigantic, immense, colossal, monumental, massive, mammoth, Brobdingnagian, gargantuan, elephantine, monstrous, staggering, sizeable, substantial, wide, broad, capacious, extensive, Colloq jumbo, US humongous, ginormous:
The house has a large dining room. Supertankers are the largest ships afloat.
4 big, prominently, overwhelmingly, imposingly, eminently, pre-eminently:
The problem looms large in the history of biology.
5 at large.
(a) free, unfettered, at liberty, on the loose, unconfined, unrestrained:
One of the robbers is still at large.
(b) generally, mainly, in general, chiefly, as a whole, in a body, altogether, in the main:
The people at large support reductions in taxes.

Collocation dictionary


be, feel, look, seem
Some of the clothes looked very large.
| become, get, grow
By this time his debt had got extremely large. The plant had grown quite large.
| remain


exceptionally, extremely, very | comparatively, fairly, moderately, quite, rather, reasonably, relatively
Isn't that jumper rather large?
| enough, sufficiently
Are you sure the hall will be large enough?
| indefinitely, infinitely
The universe is infinitely large.
| abnormally, disproportionately, surprisingly, unexpectedly, unusually
His eyes were abnormally large.

Concise English dictionary

larger|largestlɑrdʒ /lɑː-
+a garment size for a large person
+above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent
+fairly large or important in effect; influential
+ostentatiously lofty in style
+generous and understanding and tolerant
+conspicuous in position or importance
+having broad power and range and scope
+in an advanced stage of pregnancy
+at a distance, wide of something (as of a mark)
+with the wind abaft the beam
+in a boastful manner