US: /ˈɫænd/
UK: /lˈænd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

land /lænd/
  • danh từ
    • đất; đất liền
      • to come insight of land: trông thấy đất liền
      • to go by land: đi đường bộ
    • đất, đất trồng, đất đai
      • barren land: đất cãn cỗi
    • vùng, xứ, địa phương
      • one's native land: quê hương xứ sở
    • đất đai, điền sản
      • to own houses and land: có nhà cửa và đất đai
    • Holy Land
      • đất thánh
    • the land of the leal
      • thiên đường
    • the land of the living
      • hiện tại trái đất này
    • land of milk and honey
      • nơi này đủ sung túc
    • lộc phúc của trời
    • nước Do-thái
    • land of Nod
      • giấc ngủ
    • to make the land
      • trông thấy đất liền (tàu biển)
    • to see how the land lies
      • xem sự thể ra sao
  • ngoại động từ
    • đưa vào bờ; đổ bộ
      • to land troops: đổ bộ quân
    • dẫn đến, đưa đến, đẩy vào (một tình thế, một hoàn cảnh)
      • extravagance will land a man in debt: ăn tiêu hoang phí sẽ đưa người ta đến mang công mắc nợ
    • đạt được, giành được; bắt được
      • to land a prize: giành được giải thưởng
    • đưa đi, giáng, đánh
      • to land a blow in someone's eye: giáng một quả đấm vào mắt ai
      • to land a ball in the goal: rót bóng vào khung thành
  • nội động từ
    • ghé vào bờ (tàu); hạ cánh (máy bay); xuống đất, xuống xe (người); lên bờ (từ dưới tàu)
      • to land at Odessa: cặp bến ở Ô-ddét-xa
      • the plane landed safety: máy bay hạ cánh an toàn
    • rơi vào (tình trạng nào đó)
      • to land in a fix: rơi vào tình thế khó khăn
    • to land on
      • phê bình, mắng m

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
surface of earth
1 [U] the surface of the earth that is not sea: It was good to be back on land. + We made the journey by land, though flying would have been cheaper. + In the distance the crew sighted land. + The elephant is the largest living land animal.
area of ground
2 [U] (also lands [pl.]) an area of ground, especially of a particular type or used for a particular purpose: fertile / arid / stony land + flat / undulating / hilly land + agricultural / arable / industrial land + The land was very dry and hard after the long, hot summer. + The land rose to the east. + a piece of waste / derelict land + Some of the country's richest grazing lands are in these valleys.
3 [U] (also formal lands [pl.]) the area of ground that sb owns, especially when you think of it as property that can be bought or sold: The price of land is rising rapidly. + He owns 500 acres of land in Scotland. + During the war their lands were occupied by the enemy. + conflicts over tribal lands
See also - NO-MAN'S-LAND
4 (the land) [U] used to refer to the countryside and the way people live in the country as opposed to in cities: At the beginning of the 20th century almost a third of the population lived off the land (= grew or produced their own food). + Many people leave the land to find work in towns and cities. + His family had always farmed the land.
country / region
5 [C] (literary) used to refer to a country or region in an emotional or imaginative way: She longed to return to her native land. + They dreamed of travelling to foreign lands. + faraway lands beyond the sea + America is the land of freedom and opportunity. + the land of the fairies / elves / giants
Help Note: There are many other compounds ending in land. You will find them at their place in the alphabet.
Idioms: (back) in the land of the living used to emphasize that sb is still living or that sb is alive and well after an illness or accident: I'm glad to see you're back in the land of the living. We were worried about you. + Only two of his old school friends are still in the land of the living.
the land of milk and honey a place where life is pleasant and easy and people are very happy: He dreamed of emigrating to Canada-the land of milk and honey.
see, etc. how the land lies (BrE) to find out about a situation: Let's wait and see how the land lies before we do anything.
more at LIE n., LIVE, SPY v.
+ verb
of bird / plane / insect
1 [V] to come down through the air onto the ground or another surface: The plane landed safely. + A fly landed on his nose.
Antonym: TAKE OFF
of pilot
2 [VN] to bring a plane down to the ground in a controlled way: The pilot landed the plane safely.
arrive in plane / boat
3 [V] to arrive somewhere in a plane or a boat: We shall be landing shortly. Please fasten your seatbelts. + The troops landed at dawn. + They were the first men to land on the moon. + The ferry is due to land at 3 o'clock.
4 [VN] to put sb/sth on land from an aircraft, a boat, etc: The troops were landed by helicopter.
fall to ground
5 [V] to come down to the ground after jumping, falling or being thrown: I fell and landed heavily at the bottom of the stairs. + A large stone landed right beside him.
6 [V +adv./prep.] to arrive somewhere and cause difficulties that have to be dealt with: Why do complaints always land on my desk (= why do I always have to deal with them)?
7 (informal) to succeed in getting a job, etc., especially one that a lot of other people want: [VN] He's just landed a starring role in Spielberg's next movie. + [VNN] She's just landed herself a company directorship.
8 [VN] to catch a fish and bring it out of the water on to the land
Idioms: land a blow, punch, etc. to succeed in hitting sb/sth: She landed a punch on his chin.
more at FOOT n.
Phrasal Verbs: land in sth
land sb / yourself in sth (informal) to get sb/yourself into a difficult situation: She was arrested and landed in court. + His hot temper has landed him in trouble before. + Now you've really landed me in it! (= got me into trouble)
land up in, at ... (informal) to reach a final position or situation, sometimes after other things have happened: We travelled around for a while and landed up in Seattle. + He landed up in a ditch after he lost control of his car. + Careful-you don't want to land up in hospital.
land sb / yourself with sth/sb (informal) to give sb/yourself sth unpleasant to do, especially because nobody else wants to do it: As usual, I got landed with all the boring jobs.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 earth, (solid) ground, terra firma:
After weeks in an open boat, Captain Bligh was relieved to have land under his feet again
2 dirt, earth, soil, turf, sod, loam, mould:
Trumble tilled the land as his ancestors had done for generations.
3 property, grounds, real property or realty or US and Canadian also real estate, acreage; estate:
How much land goes with the house?
4 fatherland, motherland, nation, country, homeland, native land:
The land of our fathers flowed with milk and honey.
5 arrive, alight, light, touch or come or go down, splash down, settle on or upon, come to rest, berth, dock, disembark, debark, go ashore, deplane, dismount:
The plane was forced to land on the water. We land at dawn.
6 catch, capture, take captive, Colloq bag:
He was unable to land the shark unaided.
7 Colloq get, secure, obtain, win, acquire:
He finally landed a job with his father-in-law. Sadie finally landed a millionaire!

Collocation dictionary

1 surface of the earth


It was good to be on dry land again after months at sea.


The explorers reached land after a long voyage.
| sight
In the distance the crew sighted land.
| reclaim
The new project will reclaim the land from the sea.


chains of volcanoes running along the edge of continental land masses
| animal, mammal | battle, war | forces
With the land forces defeated, everything now rested on the navy.


by ~
It's impossible to reach this beach by land because of the high cliffs.
| on ~
Some animals can live both on land and in water.

2 piece of ground


good, prime
prime building land
| fertile, rich
rich agricultural land land that is rich in mineral deposits
| marginal, poor
animals grazing on marginal land that was previously heath or moorland
| arid, dry, hard, parched
The land was very dry and hard after the long, hot summer.
| marshy | barren | derelict, waste
A new shopping centre will be built on the derelict land.
| contaminated | empty, unused, vacant | uncultivated, virgin, wild | agricultural, arable, cultivated, farm
farming | grazing | industrial | building, housing | green belt | rural, urban | private | public | common
This used to be common land, where everyone had the right to graze animals.
| open
They finally got out of the town and reached open land.
| flat, low-lying | hill, undulating | coastal, forest, meadow


parcel, piece, plot, scrap, strip, tract
Every scrap of land is used for growing food. The college owns vast tracts of land.


have, hold, own
The inhabitants of a village held land in common.
| acquire, buy, purchase | sell | cultivate, farm, plough, work | irrigate | clear
The land has been cleared ready for building.
| develop
They were refused permission to develop the land.
| occupy
During the war their lands were occupied by the enemy.
| seize | allocate, distribute, redistribute | grant sb
He was granted land by the king.


adjoin sth
a piece of land adjoining a disused railway line


owner, ownership | acquisition, purchase | reclamation | development | use | prices, values | dispute 3 the land
farming land


live off
It's very fertile countryside where you can just live off the land.
| farm, work (on)
His family had always worked the land.
| leave
Many people leave the land to find work in towns and cities.
| get/go back to
He's tired of living in cities, and wants to get back to the land.

4 country


ancestral, native
the tribe's ancestral lands
| distant
He travelled to many distant lands.
| alien, foreign, strange
She was all alone in a strange land.
| promised
(often figurative) the promised land of progressive education
| cloud cuckoo, never-never
(both figurative) Anyone who thinks this legislation will be effective is living in cloud cuckoo land.

Concise English dictionary

+the land on which real estate is located
+material in the top layer of the surface of the earth in which plants can grow (especially with reference to its quality or use)
+the solid part of the earth's surface
+territory over which rule or control is exercised
+the territory occupied by a nation
+a domain in which something is dominant
+extensive landed property (especially in the country) retained by the owner for his own use
+the people who live in a nation or country
+a politically organized body of people under a single government
+United States inventor who incorporated Polaroid film into lenses and invented the one-step photographic process (1909-1991)
+agriculture considered as an occupation or way of life
+reach or come to rest
+cause to come to the ground
+bring into a different state
+bring ashore
+deliver (a blow)
+arrive on shore
+shoot at and force to come down
+relating to or characteristic of or occurring on land