US: /ˈɫæbɹəˌtɔɹi/
UK: /lɐbˈɒɹətɹˌi/

English Vietnamese dictionary

laboratory /lə'bɔrətəri/ (lab) /læb/
  • danh từ
    • phòng thí nghiệm; phòng pha chế
    • hot laboratory
      • phòng thí nghiệm "nóng" (nơi tiến hành những cuộc thí nghiệm nguy hiểm có thể chết người)
    • buồng lò, buồng luyện (luyện kim)
    • language laboratory
      • phương pháp học ngoại ngữ bằng máy ghi âm và phim ảnh

Advanced English dictionary

(also informal lab)
+ noun
(plural laboratories) a room or building used for scientific research, experiments, testing, etc: a research laboratory + laboratory experiments / tests + to send a specimen to the laboratory for analysis

Collocation dictionary


up-to-date, well-equipped | commercial, industrial | school, university | biology, chemistry, physics, science | chemical, pharmaceutical | analytical, clinical, development, experimental, forensic, medical, nuclear, pathology, photographic, public health, quality control, research, testing


build, establish, set up
She has donated money to establish a pharmaceutical laboratory.
| run
He runs his own research laboratory.
| work in
They work in a laboratory studying growth patterns.


assistant, chemist, manager, scientist, technician, worker | apparatus, bench, equipment, facilities | animal | analysis, experiment, investigation, measurement, simulation, study, test, testing, trial, work
laboratory tests on animals
| science, subject | practices, procedures | data, evidence, findings, report, results | conditions, setting
The athletes' reflexes were tested under laboratory conditions. simulated driving in a laboratory setting


in a/the ~
The effects of weathering can be simulated in the laboratory.

Concise English dictionary

laboratories'læbrətɔrɪ /lə'bɒrətrɪ
+a workplace for the conduct of scientific research
+a region resembling a laboratory inasmuch as it offers opportunities for observation and practice and experimentation