English Vietnamese dictionary

l /el/
  • danh từ, số nhiều Ls, L's
    • L, 50 (chữ số La mã)
    • vật hình L

Advanced English dictionary

noun, abbreviation, symbol
+ noun (also l) [C, U] (plural L's, l's ) the 12th letter of the English alphabet: 'Lion' begins with (an) L / 'L'.
See also - L-PLATE
+ abbreviation
1 (L.) (especially on maps) Lake: L. Windermere
2 (especially for sizes of clothes) large: S M and L (= small, medium and large)
+ symbol (also l) the number 50 in ROMAN NUMERALS
+ abbreviation
1 (plural l) (in writing) litre(s)
2 (also l.) (plural ll) (in writing) line (= on a page in a book)