US: /ˈnɑɫədʒ/, /ˈnɑɫɪdʒ/
UK: /nˈɒlɪd‍ʒ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

knowledge /'nɔlidʤ/
  • danh từ
    • sự biết
      • to have no knowledge of: không biết về
      • to my knowledge: theo tôi biết
      • it came to my knowledge that: tôi được biết rằng
      • without my knowledge: tôi không hay biết
      • not to my knowledge: theo tôi biết thì không
    • sự nhận biết, sự nhận ra
      • he has grown out of all knowledge: nó lớn quá không nhận ra được nữa
    • sự quen biết
      • my knowledge of Mr. B is slight: tôi chỉ quen sơ sơ ông B
    • sự hiểu biết, tri thức, kiến thức; học thức
      • to have a good knowledge of English: giỏi tiếng Anh
      • wide knowledge: kiến thức rộng
      • in every branch of knowledge: trong mọi lĩnh vực tri thức
      • knowledge is power: tri thức là sức mạnh
    • tin, tin tức
      • the knowledge of victory soon spread: tin chiến thắng đi lan nhanh

Advanced English dictionary

about sth)
1 [U, sing.] the information, understanding and skills that you gain through education or experience: practical / medical / scientific knowledge + He has a wide knowledge of painting and music. + There is a lack of knowledge about the tax system.
2 [U] the state of knowing about a particular fact or situation: She sent the letter without my knowledge. + The film was made with the Prince's full knowledge and approval. + She was impatient in the knowledge that time was limited. + I went to sleep secure in the knowledge that I was not alone in the house. + They could relax safe in the knowledge that they had the funding for the project. + He denied all knowledge of the affair.
Idioms: be common / public knowledge to be sth that everyone knows, especially in a particular community or group: Their relationship is common knowledge.
come to sb's knowledge (formal) to become known by sb: It has come to our knowledge that you have been taking time off without permission.
to your knowledge from the information you have, although you may not know everything: 'Are they divorced?' 'Not to my knowledge.' + She never, to my knowledge, considered resigning.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 knowing, awareness, apprehension, cognition, grasp, understanding, discernment, consciousness, conception, insight:
Miles's knowledge of history is extensive.
2 facts, information, data, intelligence:
They had no knowledge of any defections to the enemy.
3 acquaintance, acquaintanceship, familiarity, appreciation, conversance, expertise, experience, adeptness, proficiency:
Has he any knowledge of their work on the DNA molecule?
4 schooling, education, scholarship, instruction, learning, erudition:
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Collocation dictionary


considerable, great, vast | complete, comprehensive, sound, thorough | deep, detailed, intimate, profound
She has an intimate knowledge of the Asian market.
| broad, encyclopedic, extensive, wide | unrivalled | expert, specialist | inside
He managed to find contacts who had inside knowledge of the organization.
| local | direct, first-hand | up-to-date | limited, rudimentary, superficial
I have a limited knowledge of French.
| general
I don't like quizzes because my general knowledge is so poor.
| factual | practical | working
He has a good working knowledge of the subject.
| professional | academic, linguistic, medical, scientific, technical, etc. | common
It's common knowledge that he's left his wife.
| public | full
She had acted with her parents' full knowledge and consent.
| previous, prior


acquire, gain | have | demonstrate, flaunt, parade, show (off) | test | apply
The job gave her the chance to apply the knowledge she had acquired at university.
| share
The barman was happy to share his knowledge of wine with us.
| spread
The volunteers' task is to spread knowledge of how to prevent the disease.
| broaden, extend, improve, increase | deny
He denied all knowledge of what had happened.


in the ~
They put the car on the market in the full knowledge that it had design faults.
| to sb's ~
He's never worked here to my knowledge.
| with sb's ~
The letter was sent with the full knowledge of the head of department.
| without sb's ~
She borrowed my car without my knowledge.
| ~ of
a wide knowledge of antiques


a gap in your knowledge
I did some research to fill in the gaps in my knowledge.
| to the best of your knowledge
She still lives in San Francisco to the best of my knowledge.

Concise English dictionary

'nɑlɪdʒ /'nɒl-
+the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning