US: /ˌɪnˈtɹuʒən/
UK: /ɪntɹˈuːʒən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

intrusion /in'tru:ʤn/
  • danh từ
    • sự ấn bừa, sự tống ấn, sự đưa bừa; sự bị ấn bừa, sự bị đưa bừa
    • sự xâm phạm, sự xâm nhập
    • sự bắt người khác phải chịu đựng mình
    • (pháp lý) sự xâm phạm
    • sự xâm nhập, thế xâm nhập

Advanced English dictionary

upon sth)
1 something that affects a situation or people's lives in a way that they do not want: They claim the noise from the new airport is an intrusion on their lives. + This was another example of press intrusion into the affairs of the royals.
2 the act of entering a place which is private or where you may not be wanted: She apologized for the intrusion but said she had an urgent message.

Collocation dictionary


media, press | unnecessary, unwanted, unwarranted, unwelcome




~ in
I really resented his intrusion in a family matter.
| ~ into
media intrusion into the lives of celebrities
| ~ on/upon
an unwarranted intrusion upon the singer's privacy

Concise English dictionary

+any entry into an area not previously occupied
+entrance by force or without permission or welcome
+the forcing of molten rock into fissures or between strata of an earlier rock formation
+rock produced by an intrusive process
+entry to another's property without right or permission