US: /ˈɪntɹəkət/
UK: /ˈɪntɹɪkət/

English Vietnamese dictionary

intricate /'intrikit/
  • tính từ
    • rối beng
    • rắc rối, phức tạp, khó hiểu
      • an intricate machine: một cái máy phức tạp

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
having a lot of different parts and small details that fit together: intricate patterns / designs / structures + an intricate network of loyalties and relationships
intricately adverb: intricately carved / decorated / patterned

Thesaurus dictionary

1 involved, complicated, convoluted, entangled, tangled, knotty, complex, twisted, winding, tortuous, sinuous, anfractuous, labyrinthine, elaborate, Byzantine, fancy, ornate, rococo, Daedalian or Daedalean or Daedalic, Literary daedal or dedal:
The plot was far too intricate and I became confused.
2 perplexing, puzzling, mystifying, enigmatic:
The code was so intricate that even the computer needed hours to decipher the message.

Collocation dictionary




amazingly, extraordinarily, extremely, highly, very
an amazingly intricate structure
| quite

Concise English dictionary

+having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate