US: /ˌɪntɝtˈwaɪn/
UK: /ˌɪntətwˈa‍ɪn/

English Vietnamese dictionary

intertwine /,intə'twain/
  • động từ
    • quấn vào nhau, bện vào nhau

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb [usually passive]
1 if two or more things intertwine or are intertwined, they are twisted together so that they are very difficult to separate: [VN] a necklace of rubies intertwined with pearls + [V] intertwining branches
2 to be or become very closely connected with sth/sb else: [VN] [usually passive] Their political careers had become closely intertwined. [also V]

Concise English dictionary

+spin or twist together so as to form a cord
+make lacework by knotting or looping
+make a loop in