US: /ˌɪnˈtɛnt/
UK: /ɪntˈɛnt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

intent /in'tent/
  • danh từ
    • ý định, mục đích
    • nghĩa
    • to all intents and purposes
      • hầu như, thực tế là
    • his news statement was to all intents and purposes not different from the old one: lời tuyên bố mới của hắn ta hầu như không khác gì lời tuyên bố trước
  • tính từ (+ on)
    • kiên quyết; đeo đuổi, miệt mài, mải mê, chăm chú
      • an intent gaze: cái nhìn chăm chú
      • to be intent on one's job: chăm chú làm công việc của mình
    • sôi nôi, hăm hở, đầy nhiệt tình
      • an intent person: một người sôi nổi

Advanced English dictionary

adjective, noun
+ adjective
1 showing strong interest and attention: an intent gaze / look + His eyes were suddenly intent. + His face filled with an intent curiosity.
2 ~ on / upon sth
~ on / upon doing sth (formal) determined to do sth, especially sth that will harm other people: They were intent on murder. + Are you intent upon destroying my reputation?
3 ~ on / upon sth giving all your attention to sth: I was so intent on my work that I didn't notice the time. + The bright brown eyes were intent on Marie.
intently adverb: She looked at him intently. + I listened intently to what she had to say.
+ noun [U] ~ (to do sth) (formal or law) what you intend to do
She denies possessing the drug with intent to supply. + He was charged with wounding with intent. + a letter / statement of intent + His intent is clearly not to placate his critics.
Idioms: to all intents and purposes (BrE) (AmE for all intents and purposes) in the effects that sth has, if not in reality; almost completely: By 1981 the docks had, to all intents and purposes, closed. + The two items are, to all intents and purposes, identical.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 intention, aim, goal, target, purpose, object, objective, end, design, plan, idea:
Was it your intent that I should go with you? The charge is assault with intent to kill.
2 inclination, tendency, desire, intending:
The mere intent to commit treason is often tantamount to treason.
3 to all intents and purposes. virtually, practically, for all practical purposes, (almost) as good as, (almost) the same as, more or less, in effect:
Telling you that the position was being discontinued is, to all intents and purposes, the same as firing you.
4 concentrated, focused, fixed, steady, intense, determined, earnest, engrossed, absorbed, rapt, steadfast, resolute, attentive:
Her intent stare unnerved many of her lecturers.
5 bent, set, resolute, committed, decided, firm, keen; resolved, eager, firm, determined, zealous, avid, enthusiastic,:
If you're intent on going, we won't try to change your mind.

Collocation dictionary

1 determined to do sth


appear, be, seem


apparently, seemingly | clearly, evidently, obviously
They are clearly intent on maintaining standards.


He was intent on murder.

2 concentrating on sth


be | become


very | suddenly
Her gaze was suddenly intent.


She was very intent on her work.

Concise English dictionary

+an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions
+the intended meaning of a communication
+giving or marked by complete attention to