US: /ˌɪnˈstɔɫ/
UK: /ɪnstˈɔːl/

English Vietnamese dictionary

install /in'stɔ:l/ (install) /in'stɔ:l/
  • ngoại động từ
    • đặt (hệ thống máy móc, hệ thống sưởi...); đặt (ai) vào (nơi nào, tình trạng nào...)
    • làm lễ nhậm chức cho (ai)

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb [VN]
1 to fix equipment or furniture into position so that it can be used: He's getting a phone installed tomorrow. + The hotel chain has recently installed a new booking system. + I'll need some help installing the software.
2 ~ sb (as sth) to put sb in a new position of authority, often with an official ceremony: He was installed as President last May.
3 to make sb/yourself comfortable in a particular place or position: We installed ourselves in the front row.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 instal, invest, instate, initiate, establish, inaugurate, induct, institute; place, put, position, introduce, settle:
The new bishop will be installed in office next week.
2 instal, fit, set up, connect, fix (in place):
I installed our new air conditioner myself.

Collocation dictionary


properly, safely
Make sure the equipment is properly installed. (figurative) She saw her guests safely installed in their rooms and then went downstairs.
| easily
The loft ladder is easily installed.
| successfully | professionally
A professionally installed alarm will cost from about £500.


be easy to, be simple to
The switches are cheap to buy and easy to install.


newly/recently installed
a recently installed swimming pool

Concise English dictionary

+set up for use
+put into an office or a position