US: /ˈɪnsəɫənt/
UK: /ˈɪnsələnt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

insolent /'insələnt/
  • tính từ
    • xấc láo, láo xược

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
extremely rude and showing a lack of respect: an insolent child / smile
insolence noun [U]: Her insolence cost her her job.
insolently adverb

Thesaurus dictionary

impertinent, impudent, pert, saucy, bold, presumptuous, brazen, brash, disrespectful, insulting, contemptuous, offensive, rude, crude, uncivil, insubordinate, Colloq fresh, brassy, cheeky, Slang Brit smart-arsed or US smart-ass(ed), US wise:
That insolent boor had the gall to call her 'Queenie'!

Concise English dictionary

+marked by casual disrespect
+unrestrained by convention or propriety