US: /ˌɪmˈpoʊz/
UK: /ɪmpˈə‍ʊz/

English Vietnamese dictionary

impose /im'pouz/
  • ngoại động từ
    • (+ on, upon) đánh (thuế...); bắt chịu, bắt gánh vác, bắt cáng đáng
      • to impose heavy taxes upon luxury goods: đánh thuế nặng vào hàng xa xỉ
      • to impose one's methods on somebody: bắt ai phải làm theo phương pháp của mình
      • to impose oneself on somebody: bắt ai phải chịu đựng mình
    • (+ upon) đánh lừa tống ấn, đánh lộn sòng, đánh tráo
      • to impose something upon somebody: đánh lừa mà tống ấn cái gì cho ai
    • (ngành in) lên khuôn (trang in)
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) đặt lên
    • nội động từ
      • (+ on, upon) gây ấn tượng mạnh mẽ đối với, tác động mạnh đối với; bắt phải kính nể; bắt phải chịu đựng mình
        • to impose on someone: gây ấn tượng mạnh mẽ đối với ai; bắt ai phải kính nể
      • (+ on, upon) lừa gạt, lừa phỉnh, bịp
        • to be imposed upon: bị lừa, bị bịp
      • (+ on, upon) lạm dụng, lợi dụng
        • to impose upon someone's kindness: lợi dụng lòng tốt của ai

    Advanced English dictionary

    + verb
    1 [VN] ~ sth (on / upon sth/sb) to introduce a new law, rule, tax, etc.; to order that a rule, punishment, etc. be used: A new tax was imposed on fuel.
    2 [VN] ~ sth (on / upon sb/sth) to force sb/sth to have to deal with sth that is difficult or unpleasant: to impose limitations / restrictions / constraints on sth + This system imposes additional financial burdens on many people. + The time limits are imposed on us by factors outside our control.
    3 [VN] ~ sth (on / upon sb) to make sb accept the same opinions, wishes etc. as your own: She didn't want to impose her values on her family. + It was noticeable how a few people managed to impose their will on the others.
    4 [V] ~ (on / upon sb/sth) to expect sb to do sth for you or to spend time with you, when it may not be convenient for them: 'You must stay for lunch.' 'Well, thanks, but I don't want to impose ...' + Everyone imposes on Dave's good nature.
    5 [VN] ~ yourself (on / upon sb/sth) to make sb/sth accept or be aware of your presence or ideas: European civilization was the first to impose itself across the whole world.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 inflict, force, foist:
    Stop imposing your standards on others.
    2 interrupt, interfere, intrude, interpose, insinuate:
    I hope I am not imposing?
    3 levy, place, put, exact:
    A tax has been imposed on entertainment.
    4 impose on or upon.
    (a) saddle, burden:
    He imposes on everyone with his demands for charity.
    (b) exploit, take advantage (of), misuse:
    I hope I am not imposing on your good will in what I ask.

    Collocation dictionary


    The terms of the contract were effectively imposed rather than agreed.
    | simply
    New technology cannot be used successfully if it is simply imposed on an unwilling workforce.
    | centrally
    a centrally imposed school curriculum
    | externally
    the pressure of having to meet externally imposed targets
    | artificially
    Motivation to learn must come from the child; it cannot be artificially imposed.


    seek to, strive to, try to


    The government has imposed a ban on the sale of handguns.

    Concise English dictionary

    +compel to behave in a certain way
    +impose something unpleasant
    +impose and collect