US: /ˌɪmpɫəˈkeɪʃən/
UK: /ˌɪmplɪkˈe‍ɪʃən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

implication /,impli'keiʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự lôi kéo vào; sự liên can, sự dính líu; ẩn ý, điều ngụ ý; điều gợi ý
      • what are the implications of this statement?: những ẩn ý của lời tuyên bố này là thế nào?
    • (số nhiều) quan hệ mật thiết
    • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) sự bện lại, sự tết lại, sự xoắn lại

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [C, usually pl.] ~ (for / of sth) a possible effect or result of an action or a decision: The development of the site will have implications for the surrounding countryside. + They failed to consider the wider implications of their actions.
2 [C, U] something that is suggested or indirectly stated (= sth that is IMPLIED): The implication in his article is that being a housewife is greatly inferior to every other occupation. + He criticized the Director and, by implication, the whole of the organization.
3 [U] ~ (of sb) (in sth) the fact of being involved, or of involving sb, in sth, especially a crime: He resigned after his implication in a sex scandal.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 involvement, connection, inclusion, association, entanglement:
My implication in that affair was minimal.
2 suggestion, hint, insinuation, innuendo, intimation:
I resent the implication that I had anything to do with the murder.
3 significance, purport, drift, meaning, denotation, conclusion, inference, import, connotation, sense, burden, substance, essence, pith:
The implication of the article is that the government knew about the illegal exports all along.

Collocation dictionary

1 possible effect/result


considerable, crucial, enormous, important, major, massive, strong | main | deeper, fundamental, profound | broad, far-reaching, wider
discussing the broader implications of the medical plan
| full
Now they realized the full implications of the new system.
| direct | clear, obvious | underlying | general | further | possible, potential | future, long-term | grave, serious | disturbing, frightening, ominous, sinister | adverse, damaging, negative | interesting | radical, revolutionary | practical
These results have important practical implications.
| commercial, constitutional, economic, educational, environmental, ethical, financial, ideological, legal, moral, philosophical, political, psychological, social
the constitutional implications of a royal divorce
| cost, health, policy, resource, safety, security, tax


carry, have
The emphasis on testing leads to greater stress among students and carries implications of failure.
| grasp, realize, understand | assess, consider, examine, explore, ponder, study
You need to consider the legal implications before you publish anything.
| digest | discuss | explain | accept
a society that fully accepts the implications of disability
| reject | ignore


Several interesting implications arise from these developments.
| be involved
Given the resource implications involved, the plan will have to be scaled down.


~ about
disturbing implications about the company's future
| ~ for
The research has far-reaching implications for medicine as a whole.

2 sth suggested but not said openly


clear, obvious
The implication is clear: young females do better if they mate with a new male.
| possible
His remark seemed to have various possible implications.
| unspoken


carry, have | understand | digest
Brian paused for a moment while he digested the implications of this statement. | resentI resent the implication that I don't care about my father.


by ~
In refusing to believe our story, he is saying by implication that we are lying.

Concise English dictionary

+something that is inferred (deduced or entailed or implied)
+a meaning that is not expressly stated but can be inferred
+an accusation that brings into intimate and usually incriminating connection
+a logical relation between propositions p and q of the form `if p then q'; if p is true then q cannot be false
+a relation implicated by virtue of involvement or close connection (especially an incriminating involvement)