US: /ˌɪˈmɝs/
UK: /ɪmˈɜːs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

immerse /i'mə:s/
  • ngoại động từ
    • nhúng, nhận chìm, ngâm
    • ngâm (mình) vào nước để rửa tội
    • chôn vào, chôn vùi
    • mắc vào, đắm chìm vào, ngập vào, mải mê vào
      • to be immersed in debt: mắc nợ đìa
      • to be immersed in thought: trầm ngâm suy nghĩ, mải suy nghĩ

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb [VN]
1 ~ sb/sth (in sth) to put sb/sth into a liquid so that they or it are completely covered: The seeds will swell when immersed in water.
2 ~ yourself / sb in sth to become or make sb completely involved in sth: She immersed herself in her work. + Clare and Phil were immersed in conversation in the corner.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 plunge, sink, submerge, dip, dunk, duck, inundate:
Immerse the device in the water before switching it on.
2 plunge, sink, submerge, bury, absorb, engross, engage, occupy, involve:
I immersed myself in my work and never noticed the time.

Collocation dictionary

1 put sth in liquid


completely, fully, totally | partially


The seeds need to be completely immersed in water.

2 concentrate completely on sth


Clare and Phil were deeply immersed in conversation.
| completely, totally | in
For six months I totally immersed myself in my work.

Concise English dictionary

immerses|immersed|immersingɪ'mɜrs /ɪ'mɜːs
+thrust or throw into
+engross (oneself) fully
+enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing
+cause to be immersed