US: /ˈhəm/
UK: /hˈʌm/

English Vietnamese dictionary

hum /hʌm/
  • danh từ
    • (từ lóng) (như) humbug
    • danh từ ((cũng) haw)
      • tiếng vo ve, tiếng o o (sâu bọ...); tiếng kêu rền (máy)
      • tiếng ầm ừ, lời nói ậm à ậm ừ, lời nói ấp úng
        • hums and ha's: lời nói ậm à ậm ừ
      • (từ lóng) mùi khó ngửi, mùi thối
      • nội động từ
        • kêu vo ve, kêu o o (sâu bọ...); kêu rền (máy)
        • ấm ứ, ầm ừ, ấp úng; nói lúng búng
          • to hum and ha (haw): mói ậm à, ậm ừ, nói lúng búng
        • ngậm miệng ngân nga
        • (thông tục) hoạt động mạnh
          • to make things hum: đẩy mạnh các hoạt động
        • (từ lóng) khó ngửi, thối
        • ngoại động từ
          • ngậm miệng ngân nga
          • thán từ
            • hừ (do dự, không đồng ý)

          Advanced English dictionary

          verb, noun
          + verb (-mm-)
          1 to sing a tune with your lips closed: [V] She was humming softly to herself. + He began to hum along with the music. + [VN] What's that tune you're humming?
          2 [V] to make a low continuous sound: The computers were humming away. + The overhead wires hummed with power.
          3 [V] (informal) to be full of activity: The streets were beginning to hum with life. + The whole room was humming now. + Things were beginning to hum.
          Idioms: hum and haw (BrE) (AmE hem and haw) (informal) to take a long time to make a decision or before you say sth: We hummed and hawed for weeks before deciding to buy the house.
          + noun [sing.] ~ (of sth) a low continuous sound: the hum of bees / traffic / voices + The room filled with the hum of conversation.

          Thesaurus dictionary

          1 buzz, drone, thrum, murmur, whirr, purr, vibrate, Technical bombinate or bombilate:
          I want to smell the wild flowers and hear the bees hum once again.
          2 bustle, stir, be active, move briskly, Colloq tick (over):
          Within three months of completion, the new plant was humming.
          3 intone:
          I said, 'Do you know your rock guitar is keeping me awake?', and he replied, 'No, man, but if you hum it I'll try to play it.'
          4 buzz, buzzing, drone, droning, thrum, thrumming, murmur, murmuring, murmuration, whirr, whirring, purr, purring, vibration:
          From the other room came the hum of conversation.

          Collocation dictionary


          faint, soft | low | high-pitched | constant, continuous, steady
          I could hear the constant hum of distant traffic.
          | background

          VERB + HUM



          ~ of
          the background hum of the air-conditioning

          Concise English dictionary

          +the state of being or appearing to be actively engaged in an activity
          +an Islamic fundamentalist group in Pakistan that fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s; now operates as a terrorist organization primarily in Kashmir and seeks Kashmir's accession by Pakistan
          +a humming noise
          +sing with closed lips
          +be noisy with activity
          +sound with a monotonous hum
          +make a low continuous sound