US: /ˈɑnəsti/
UK: /ˈɒnɪsti/

English Vietnamese dictionary

honesty /'ɔnisti/
  • danh từ
    • tính lương thiện
    • tính trung thực; tính chân thật
    • (thực vật học) cây cải âm, cây luna

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
[U] the quality of being honest: She answered all my questions with her usual honesty. + His honesty is not in question.
Idioms: in all honesty used to state a fact or an opinion which, though true, may seem disappointing: The book isn't, in all honesty, as good as I expected.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 trustworthiness, uprightness, rectitude, probity, integrity, virtue, virtuousness, honour:
As he will deal with large amounts of money, his honesty cannot be in question.
2 truthfulness, veracity, candour, openness, frankness, forthrightness, directness, straightforwardness, outspokenness, sincerity, guilelessness, ingenuousness, bluntness:
You might not like what he says, but you have to admire his honesty.
3 fairness, equity, equitableness, even-handedness, objectivity, impartiality, disinterestedness, justness, justice:
We rely on the honesty of judges in meting out punishment to convicted felons.

Collocation dictionary


absolute, complete, scrupulous, total
I always expect total honesty from my employees.
| transparent | brutal, painful, ruthless
‘Don't you believe me?’ ‘I don't know, ’ she said with painful honesty.
| disarming | intellectual
You need ruthless intellectual honesty about your own skills, weaknesses and motives.


She had the honesty to admit her mother was right.
| lack | expect


in ~
(= honestly)Who in honesty can blame her?
| with ~
She answered the questions with complete honesty.
| ~ about
I appreciate your honesty about this.


honesty and integrity
He has the honesty and integrity to be chairman.
| in all honesty
(= used to say sth which, though true, may seem disappointing)In all honesty, the book was not as good as I expected.

Concise English dictionary

honesties'ɑnɪstɪ /'ɒn-
+the quality of being honest
+southeastern European plant cultivated for its fragrant purplish flowers and round flat papery silver-white seedpods that are used for indoor decoration