US: /ˈɡəɫəbəɫ/
UK: /ɡˈʌləbə‍l/

English Vietnamese dictionary

  • tính từ
    • dễ bị lừa, dễ mắc lừa; khờ dại, cả tin

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
too willing to believe or accept what other people tell you and therefore easily tricked: The advertisement is aimed at gullible young women worried about their weight.
gullibility noun [U]: The newspaper relies on the gullibility of its readers.

Thesaurus dictionary

innocent, green, simple, credulous, unsophisticated, naïve, unsuspecting, unwary, unsuspicious, wide-eyed, born yesterday, inexperienced, immature:
He was gullible enough to fall for the old con game, three-card monte.

Concise English dictionary

+naive and easily deceived or tricked
+easily tricked because of being too trusting