US: /ˈɡɹæb/
UK: /ɡɹˈæb/

English Vietnamese dictionary

grab /græb/
  • danh từ
    • cái chộp; sự túm lấy, sự vồ lấy, sự tóm, sự cố tóm lấy
      • to make a grab at something: chộp lấy cái gì
    • sự tước đoạt, sự chiếm đoạt
      • a polic of grab: chính sách chiếm đoạt (về chính trị và thương mại)
    • (kỹ thuật) gàu xúc, gàu ngoạm máy xúc ((cũng) grab bucket)
    • (đánh bài) lối chơi gráp (của trẻ con)
    • động từ
      • chộp; túm, vồ lấy, tóm, bắt
      • tước đoạt

    Advanced English dictionary

    verb, noun
    + verb (-bb-)
    1 ~ sth (from sb/sth) to take or hold sb/sth with your hand suddenly, firmly or roughly
    Synonym: SEIZE
    [VN] She grabbed the child's hand and ran. + He grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go. + Jim grabbed a cake from the plate. + He grabbed her around the throat and squeezed. + Someone grabbed me from behind. + [V] Don't grab-there's plenty for everyone.
    2 [V] ~ at / for sth to try to take hold of sth: She grabbed at the branch, missed and fell. + Kate grabbed for the robber's gun.
    3 ~ (at sth) to take advantage of an opportunity to do or have sth
    Synonym: SEIZE
    [VN] This was my big chance and I grabbed it with both hands. + [V] He'll grab at any excuse to avoid doing the dishes.
    4 [VN] to have or take sth quickly, especially because you are in a hurry: Let's grab a sandwich before we go. + I'll grab a bite to eat in town. + Grab a cab and get over here. + I managed to grab a couple of hours' sleep on the plane. + Grab a seat, I won't keep you a moment.
    5 [VN] to take sth for yourself, especially in a selfish or GREEDY way: By the time we arrived, someone had grabbed all the good seats. + She's always trying to grab the limelight.
    6 [VN] to get sb's attention: I'll see if I can grab the waitress and get the bill. + Glasgow's drugs problem has grabbed the headlines tonight (= been published as an important story in the newspapers). + The play grabs the audience's attention from the very start.
    Idioms: how does ...grab you? (spoken) used to ask sb whether they are interested in sth or in doing sth: How does the idea of a trip to Rome grab you?
    + noun [usually sing.] ~ (at / for sb/sth) a sudden attempt to take or hold sb/sth: He made a grab for her bag. + As the car swung round the corner, she held on to the grab handle to steady herself.
    See also - SMASH-AND-GRAB
    Idioms: up for grabs (informal) available for anyone who is interested: There are £25 000 worth of prizes up for grabs in our competition!

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 snatch, lay or catch hold of, fasten upon, grasp, seize; catch, grip, clutch; Colloq latch on to, get one's hands or fingers on, nab, US snag:
    The thief grabbed my purse and ran. She grabbed the railing to break her fall.
    2 appropriate, expropriate, seize, commandeer, take over, usurp, arrogate:
    The general grabbed the reins of government in the coup.
    3 arrest, capture, catch, Colloq nab, pinch, collar:
    The police grabbed him as he was leaving the scene of the crime.
    4 snatch, clutch; grasp, grip:
    I made a grab for the rope.

    Collocation dictionary




    try to | manage to
    He managed to grab a couple of hours' sleep.


    I grabbed at his arm as he ran past.
    | by
    As he walked past the boys, one of them grabbed him by the arm.
    | from
    Somebody tried to grab her handbag from her.


    grab hold of sth
    He grabbed hold of a handrail to save himself from falling.

    Concise English dictionary

    +a mechanical device for gripping an object
    +the act of catching an object with the hands
    +take hold of so as to seize or restrain or stop the motion of
    +get hold of or seize quickly and easily
    +make a grasping or snatching motion with the hand
    +obtain illegally or unscrupulously
    +take or grasp suddenly
    +capture the attention or imagination of