US: /ˈɡəvɝn/
UK: /ɡˈʌvən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

govern /'gʌvən/
  • động từ
    • cai trị, thống trị, cầm quyền (một nước)
    • quản trị, quản lý, lânh đạo (một thành phố, một xí nghiệp); cai quản (gia đình...); chỉ huy (một pháo đài)
    • khống chế, kiềm chế, đè nén (một dục vọng...)
      • to govern oneself: tự chủ được
    • chi phối, ảnh hưởng
      • to be governed by the opinions of others: bị ý kiến người khác chi phối
      • to be governed by what other people say: bị ảnh hưởng bởi những điều người khác nói
    • (ngôn ngữ học) chi phối
      • a noun governed by a preposition: một danh từ bị một giới từ chi phối
    • (vật lý); kỹ điều chỉnh

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
1 to legally control a country or its people and be responsible for introducing new laws, organizing public services, etc: [VN] The country is governed by elected representatives of the people. + [V] He accused the opposition party of being unfit to govern.
2 [VN] [often passive] to control or influence sb/sth or how sth happens, functions, etc: Prices are very much governed by market demand. + All his decisions have been entirely governed by self-interest. + We need changes in the law governing school attendance.
3 [VN] (grammar) if a word governs another word or phrase, it affects how that word or phrase is formed or used

Thesaurus dictionary

1 rule, control, direct, reign, hold sway (over), lead, conduct, guide, manage, regulate, run, supervise, superintend, oversee, steer, captain, pilot, command, head (up), look after, sit on the throne, wield the sceptre, wear the crown, run the show, be in power, be in charge (of), exercise or wield power or control (over), have or hold the whip hand, Colloq wear the pants, be in the saddle or driver's seat:
Catherine governed with an iron hand.
2 control, check, bridle, curb, master, subdue, restrain, contain, hold in, suppress, repress:
You must govern the urge to scream out.

Collocation dictionary


well | directly
The colony was governed directly from Paris.


be fit/unfit to
He accused the opposition party of being unfit to govern.

Concise English dictionary

governs|governed|governing'gʌvərn /'gʌvn
+bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations
+direct or strongly influence the behavior of
+exercise authority over; as of nations
+require to be in a certain grammatical case, voice, or mood