US: /ˈɡɔn/
UK: /ɡˈɒn/

English Vietnamese dictionary

gone /gɔn/
  • động tính từ quá khứ của go
  • tính từ
    • đã đi, đã đi khỏi; đã trôi qua, đã qua
    • mất hết, hết hy vọng
      • a gone case: (thông tục) trường hợp không còn hy vọng gì; việc không còn nước non gì
      • a gone man: người hư hỏng, người bỏ đi, người không còn hòng gì mở mặt mở mày được nữa
    • chết
    • to be far gone in
      • ốm liệt giường (về bệnh gì)
    • bò đấu, ngập đầu (cào công việc gì)
    • to be gone on somebody
      • (từ lóng) mê ai, say mê ai

Advanced English dictionary

adjective, preposition-see also GO, GOES, WENT, GONE v.
+ adjective [not before noun]
1 (of a thing) used up: 'Where's the coffee?' 'It's all gone.'
2 (of a person) having left a place; away from a place: 'Is Tom here?' 'No, he was gone before I arrived'.
3 (formal) used to say that a particular situation no longer exists: The days are gone when you could leave your door unlocked at night.
4 (BrE, informal) having been pregnant for the length of time mentioned: She's seven months gone. + How far gone are you?
Idioms: going, going, gone (BrE) (also going once, going twice, sold AmE, BrE) said by an AUCTIONEER to show that an item has been sold
more at DEAD adj.
+ preposition
(BrE, informal) later than the time mentioned: It's gone six o'clock already.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 move (ahead or forward or onwards), proceed, advance, pass, make headway, travel, voyage, set off, tour, trek, wend, stir, budge:
Would you go to the market for me?
2 leave, depart, go out, move (out or away), decamp, make off, withdraw, repair, retire, retreat, Colloq take off:
I wish he would go at once. She went to her country cottage for the weekend.
3 function, operate, work, run, perform:
I cannot get the engine to go properly.
4 lead, open to, give access to, communicate to or with, connect with or to:
Where does this door go?
5 lead, communicate with, run:
Does this road go to Oxford?
6 fit, belong (together), agree or conform (with each other), harmonize, blend, match, be appropriate or suitable (for or to), complement each other:
These colours don't go.
7 become:
He went mad when he learnt about the accident.
8 fit, extend, reach, span, stretch:
My belt would never go round your waist!
9 be disposed of or discarded or thrown away, be dismissed, be got rid of or abolished, be given up, be cast or set or put aside, be done with:
That out-dated computer has to go.
10 disappear (without a trace), vanish (into thin air), evaporate:
Where has all the money gone?
11 pass, elapse, slip or tick away, fly:
Time goes quickly when you're having fun.
12 fail, fade, decline, flag, weaken, degenerate, wear out, give (out); give way, collapse, fall or come or go to pieces, disintegrate, crack:
I'm afraid the tyres are going. When that last support goes, the roof will come down.
13 die, expire, be gone, meet one's Maker, pass on or away, shuffle off this mortal coil, go to one's reward, go to the happy hunting-grounds, go to that great cricket-pitch in the sky, Slang kick the bucket, snuff it:
By the time the doctor arrived, Graham had gone.
14 sound, pronounce, enunciate, articulate, say, utter:
And this little pig goes 'Wee, wee, wee', all the way home.
15 survive, last (out), endure, live, continue:
How long can we go without water?
16 be used up or consumed or finished:
The last of our food was gone.
17 go to the toilet or the lavatory or the bathroom, move (one's) bowels, urinate, defecate, Slang pee, take a leak or a crap, Chiefly Brit go to the loo, Chiefly US go to the john, Taboo Slang (take a) piss or shit:
We stopped at a motorway filling station because Jane had to go.
18 go about. approach, tackle, set about, undertake, begin, start:
I don't like the way she goes about her work. How does one go about establishing a business?
19 go ahead. proceed, continue, move or go forward, advance, progress, go on:
She told me I could go ahead with the scheme. The policeman motioned to go ahead.
20 go along (with).
(a) escort, accompany:
We asked if we could go along with them to the cinema.
(b) agree (to), concur (with), acquiesce (to), assent (to), support:
Beverly would never go along with a plan like yours.
21 go around or about or round (with).
(a) move or go around, circulate:
I wish he'd stop going round telling everyone about me. There's a lot of flu going around.
(b) socialize (with), frequent or seek the company of, spend time with, associate with, Colloq hang around or about (with), hang out (with):
The boy is going around with that Collins girl.
(c) wander or move around:
He goes about picking through rubbish bins.
22 go at. attack, assault, assail:
We went at the enemy with all the fire power we could muster.
23 go away. go (off), leave, depart, withdraw, exit; retreat, recede, decamp:
The clouds went away and the sun came out. We are going away for the weekend.
24 go back (to).
(a) return (to); revert (to), change back (to):
He went back to his old job after the war. Can we go back to the way things were before we were married?
(b) originate (in), begin or start (with), date back (to):
Our friendship goes back to our childhood.
25 go back on. renege (on), break, retract, repudiate, forsake:
She's gone back on our agreement.
26 go by.
(a) pass (by), go past, move by; elapse:
We used to watch the goods trains go by. The months went by quickly since our last meeting.
(b) rely or count or depend or bank on, put faith in(to), be guided by, judge from:
You cannot go by what Atherton tells you.
27 go down.
(a) sink, go under, founder, submerge:
The ship went down within minutes of striking the mine.
(b) decrease, decline, drop, sink, drop:
The Nikkei Index went down 200 points.
(c) fall, be defeated or beaten, suffer defeat, lose, collapse:
Our forces went down under an onslaught from the attacking armies.
(d) be remembered or memorialized, or recalled or commemorated or recorded:
That day of infamy will go down in history.
(e) find favour or acceptance or approval, be accepted:
His ideas have not gone down well with the council.
28 go for.
(a) fetch, obtain, get:
Please go for help.
(b) apply or relate to, concern, involve:
The rule against smoking goes for you, too, Smedley.
(c) fancy, favour, like, admire, be attracted to, prefer, choose, Slang dig:
I can tell that Peter really goes for Maria. I could go for a pint of beer right now.
(d) attack, assault, assail, set upon:
The dog went for him as soon as he opened the gate.
(e) set one's sights on, aim for, focus attention or effort(s) on:
I decided to risk all and go for Drogheda Boy at 100-8.
29 go in for.
(a) enter, enrol, start, begin, embark on, pursue, take up, embrace, espouse, undertake, follow, adopt, go into, US go out for:
He is going in for a career in boxing.
(b) like, fancy, favour, practise, do, engage in:
I don't go in for mountain-climbing.
30 go into.
(a) See 28 (a), above.
(b) delve into, examine, pursue, investigate, analyse, probe, scrutinize, inquire into, study:
I want to go into the subject of your absences with you, Fanshawe.
(c) touch on, discuss, mention:
I should avoid going into the subject of money with Pauline if I were you.
31 go off.
(a) go out, cease to function:
I saw the lights go off at nine.
(b) explode, blow up, detonate, erupt; fire, be discharged:
The bomb is set to go off in an hour. The gun went off, killing the mouse.
(c) occur, happen, take place:
The conference went off as planned.
(d) depart, leave, go (away), set out, exit, decamp, quit:
She went off without another word.
(e) Brit deteriorate, rot, moulder, go stale, go bad, spoil, sour, turn:
After two days the milk goes off.
(f) Usually, go off into. start or break into or out in:
He goes off into gales of laughter whenever I mention your name.
32 go on.
(a) continue, proceed, keep on, carry on; persist, last, endure, persevere:
He went on coughing all night long. The party went on into the small hours.
(b) happen, occur, take place, come about, Colloq come off:
I have always wondered what went on in there.
(c) come on, begin or resume functioning:
The lights went on at midnight.
(d) enter, make an entrance:
She doesn't go on till the third act.
(e) going on. approaching, nearing, nearly, almost, not quite:
He's six going on seven. It's going on eight o'clock.
(f) gabble, chatter, drone on, Brit natter, Colloq Brit witter (on), rabbit on:
He goes on endlessly about his cars.
(g) rely or depend on, use:
The detective had very little to go on.
33 go out.
(a) fade or die (out), expire, cease functioning, go off, be extinguished:
The lights went out, throwing the room into Stygian blackness.
(b) depart, leave, exit:
He went out at six and has not been seen since.
(c) socialize, associate; court, go together, Brit walk out, US date:
Harry is going out with Annabel.
34 go over.
(a) review, skim (through or over), go through, scan, look at, read, study; inspect, examine, scrutinize, investigate:
I went over your report last night. They are going over everyone's luggage with a fine-tooth comb.
(b) be received:
The first song went over very well.
(c) clean, tidy or neaten (up):
I've just gone over the entire flat.
(d) rehearse, repeat, reiterate, review, go through:
We keep going over the same things, again and again.
35 go round or US also around.
(a) revolve, rotate, spin, whirl, twirl:
The earth takes a year to go round the sun.
(b) suffice, be sufficient or adequate or enough, satisfy:
Are there enough life jackets to go around?
(c) See 21, above.
36 go through.
(a) experience, suffer, undergo, bear, take, stand, tolerate, put up with, brook, submit to, endure, live through, brave:
I don't think I could go through another war.
(b) be accepted or approved, pass (muster):
The bill went through without a hitch.
(c) See 34 (a), above.
37 go together.
(a) harmonize, accord, agree, fit, go, suit each other, belong (with each other):
I don't think that puce and vermilion go together.
(b) See 33 (c), above.
38 go under.
(a) See 27 (a), above.
(b) fail, collapse, subside, go bankrupt, succumb, Brit go to the wall, Colloq fold, US go belly up:
Statistics show that more than 500 companies go under every week in the USA.
39 go up.
(a) rise, increase:
If inflation goes up, the Chancellor will raise interest rates.
(b) explode, blow up:
The munitions factory went up, showering debris over the whole neighbourhood.
40 go with.
(a) go together with, harmonize with, blend with, be suitable or suited for, fit (in) with, accord or agree with:
That scarf does not go with the dress.
(b) socialize with, associate with, date, accompany, court, Old-fashioned Brit walk out with, US date:
I hear that Connie is going with Don.
41 go without. do or manage or get by without, lack, be deprived of, need; abstain from, survive or live or continue without:
In the old days, if you could not afford something, you went without. She cannot go without a cigarette for more than an hour.
42 chance, turn, opportunity, try, attempt, Colloq whack, crack, whirl, shot, stab:
I don't expect much, but I'll have a go anyway.

Concise English dictionary

gɑn ,gɔn /gɒn
+not present; having left
+destroyed or killed
+having all been spent
+well in the past; former
+no longer retained

+a time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else)
+street names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine
+a usually brief attempt
+a board game for two players who place counters on a grid; the object is to surround and so capture the opponent's counters
+change location; move, travel, or proceed
+follow a procedure or take a course
+move away from a place into another direction
+enter or assume a certain state or condition
+be awarded; be allotted
+have a particular form
+stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point
+follow a certain course
+be abolished or discarded
+be or continue to be in a certain condition
+make a certain noise or sound
+perform as expected when applied
+to be spent or finished
+progress by being changed
+continue to live; endure or last
+pass, fare, or elapse; of a certain state of affairs or action
+pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life
+be in the right place or situation
+be ranked or compare
+begin or set in motion
+have a turn; make one's move in a game
+be contained in
+be sounded, played, or expressed
+blend or harmonize
+lead, extend, or afford access
+be the right size or shape; fit correctly or as desired
+go through in search of something; search through someone's belongings in an unauthorized way
+be spent
+give support (to) or make a choice (of) one out of a group or number
+stop operating or functioning
+functioning correctly and ready for action