US: /ˈɡɫɔɹiəs/
UK: /ɡlˈɔːɹɪəs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

glorious /'glɔ:riəs/
  • tính từ
    • vinh quang, vẻ vang, vinh dự
      • a glorious victory: chiến thắng vẻ vang
    • huy hoàng, rực rỡ, lộng lẫy
      • a glorious time: thời đại huy hoàng
    • hết sức thú vị, khoái trí
      • glorious fun: trò vui đùa hết sức thú vị
    • (mỉa mai) tuyệt vời
      • a glorious muddle: một sự lộn xộn tuyệt vời
    • (thông tục) chếnh choáng say, ngà ngà say

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
1 (formal) deserving or bringing great fame and success: a glorious deed / victory + a glorious chapter in our country's history + The film looks back at Spain's glorious past.
2 (formal) very beautiful and impressive: a glorious sunset / view + Both her daughters have glorious red hair.
3 extremely enjoyable: a glorious trip to Rome
4 (of weather) hot, with the sun shining: They had three weeks of glorious sunshine.
gloriously adverb: The show has been gloriously successful. + a gloriously sunny day

Thesaurus dictionary

1 illustrious, famed, famous, renowned, celebrated, distinguished, honoured, eminent, excellent:
England may be proud of her glorious literary heritage.
2 outstanding, splendid, magnificent, marvellous, wonderful, spectacular, fabulous, dazzling:
They announced another glorious victory over enemy forces.
3 enjoyable, delightful, fine, great, excellent, pleasurable, superb, Colloq heavenly:
We had a glorious holiday in the Greek islands.
4 beautiful, splendid, brilliant, gorgeous, resplendent, admirable, superior, excellent, estimable:
The walls are covered with frescos in glorious colour.

Concise English dictionary

+having or deserving or conferring glory
+having or worthy of pride
+bringing great happiness and thankfulness
+characterized by grandeur
+having great beauty and splendor