US: /ˈfəsi/
UK: /fˈʌsi/

English Vietnamese dictionary

fussy /'fʌsi/
  • tính từ
    • hay om sòm, hay rối rít; hay nhắng nhít, hay nhặng xị; hay quan trọng hoá
    • cầu kỳ, kiểu cách
      • to be very fussy about one's clothes: ăn mặc cầu kỳ kiểu cách

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective (fussier, fussiest)
1 ~ (about sth) too concerned or worried about details or standards, especially unimportant ones: fussy parents + Our teacher is very fussy about punctuation. + She's such a fussy eater. + 'Where do you want to go for lunch?' 'I'm not fussy (= I don't care).'
2 doing sth with small, quick, nervous movements: a fussy manner + the quick, fussy movements of her small hands
3 having too much detail or decoration: a dress covered in fussy bows + You should avoid patterned wallpaper and fussy ornaments.
fussily adverb
fussiness noun [U]

Thesaurus dictionary

1 particular, finicky, finical, dainty, discriminating, difficult, fastidious, exacting, demanding, Colloq picky, choosy, nit-picking, pernickety or US also persnickety:
He's so fussy that he'll wear only custom-made shoes.
2 fancy, elaborate, over-decorated, gingerbread, rococo, ornate, detailed, Byzantine:
The style is a bit too fussy for my taste.

Concise English dictionary

+perversely irritable
+overcrowded or cluttered with detail
+exacting especially about details