US: /ˈfɹi/
UK: /fɹˈiː/

English Vietnamese dictionary

free /fri:/
  • tính từ
    • tự do
      • a free country: một nước tự do
      • free hydrogen: (hoá học), hyddro tự do
      • a free translation: bản dịch tự do, bản dịch thoát ý
      • free verse: thơ tự do (không luật)
      • free love: tình yêu tự do (không cần cưới xin)
    • không mất tiền, không phải trả tiền; được miễn
      • free admission: vào cửa không mất tiền
      • free of duty: được miễn thuế
      • free imports: các loại hàng nhập được miễn thuế
    • (+ from) không bị, khỏi phải, thoát được
      • free from care: không phải lo lắng
      • free from pain: không bị đau đớn
      • free from dampness: không bị ẩm
    • rảnh, không có người ở, không có người giữ chỗ
      • to have very little free time: có rất ít thì giờ rảnh
      • there are three rooms free at this hotel: ở khách sạn có ba phòng chưa có ai ở
    • lỏng, không bọ ràng buộc
      • to leave one end of the rope free: thả lỏng một dây thừng
    • suồng sã; xấc láo; tục
      • to be too free in one's behaviour: có thái độ suồng sã
      • a free story: một chuyện tục
    • thanh thoát, uyển chuyển, mềm mại; dễ dàng
      • a free style of writing: văn phòng thanh thoát, văn phòng uyển chuyển
      • free lines and curves: những đường thẳng và nét cong thanh thoát uyển chuyển
      • free gestures: những cử chỉ mềm mại uyển chuyển
    • rộng rãi, hào phóng; phong phú, nhiều
      • to spend money with a free hand: tiêu tiền hào phóng
      • to be free with one's praise: khen ngợi không tiếc lời
    • thông, thông suốt (không bị ngăn cản)
      • a free road: con đường thông suốt
    • tự nguyện, tự ý
      • to be free to confess: tự nguyện thú
    • được đặc quyền (ở một thành phố); được quyền sử dụng và ra vào (một toà nhà...)
    • free motion
      • xọc xạch; jơ (máy)
    • to give somebody a free hand
      • để cho ai toàn quyền hành động
    • to have one's hands free
      • rảnh tay, không phải lo lắng điều gì
    • to make free use of something
      • tuỳ thích sử dụng cái gì
  • phó từ
    • tự do
    • không phải trả tiền
    • (hàng hải) xiên gió
    • ngoại động từ
      • thả, phóng thích, giải phóng, trả tự do
      • gỡ ra khỏi; giải thoát; mở thông (một con đường)

    Advanced English dictionary

    adjective, verb, adverb
    + adjective (freer )
    not controlled
    1 ~ (to do sth) not under the control or in the power of sb else; able to do what you want: I have no ambitions other than to have a happy life and be free. + Students have a free choice of courses in their final year. + You are free to come and go as you please. + (spoken) 'Can I use the phone?' 'Please, feel free (= of course you can use it).'
    2 not restricted or controlled by anyone else; able to do or say what you want: A true democracy complete with free speech and a free press was called for. + the country's first free election + They gave me free access to all the files.
    not prisoner
    3 (of a person) not a prisoner or slave: He walked out of jail a free man.
    animal / bird
    4 not tied up or in a cage: The researchers set the birds free.
    no payment
    5 costing nothing: Admission is free. + free samples / tickets / advice + We're offering a fabulous free gift with each copy you buy. + You can't expect people to work for free (= without payment).
    not blocked
    6 clear; not blocked: Ensure there is a free flow of air around the machine.
    without sth
    7 ~ from / of sth not containing or affected by sth harmful or unpleasant: free from difficulty / doubt / fear + free from artificial colours and flavourings + It was several weeks before he was completely free of pain.
    8 (-free) (in adjectives) without the thing mentioned: virtually fat-free yoghurt + tax-free earnings + a trouble-free life
    not attached / trapped
    9 ~ (of sth) not attached to sth or trapped by sth: Pull gently on the free end of the rope. + They had to be cut free from their car after the accident. + She finally managed to pull herself free.
    not being used
    10 not being used: He held out his free hand and I took it. + Is this seat free?
    not busy
    11 ~ (for sth) (of a person or time) without particular plans or arrangements; not busy: If Sarah is free for lunch I'll take her out. + Keep Friday night free for my party. + What do you like to do in your free time (= when you are not working)?
    ready to give
    12 ~ with sth (often disapproving) ready to give sth, especially when it is not wanted: He's too free with his opinions.
    13 a free TRANSLATION is not exact but gives the general meaning
    Compare: LITERAL
    Idioms: free and easy informal; relaxed: Life was never going to be so free and easy again.
    get, have, etc. a free hand to get, have, etc. the opportunity to do what you want to do and to make your own decisions: I was given a free hand in designing the syllabus.
    get, take, etc. a free ride to get or take sth without paying because sb else is paying for it
    it's a free country (spoken) used as a reply when sb suggests that you should not do sth: It's a free country; I'll say what I like!
    there's no such thing as a free lunch (spoken) used to say that it is not possible to get sth for nothing
    more at HOME adv., REIN n.
    + verb
    1 [VN] ~ sb (from sth) to allow sb to leave prison or somewhere they have been kept against their WILL (= where they did not want to be kept): By the end of May nearly 100 of an estimated 2 000 political prisoners had been freed. + The hijackers agreed to free a further ten hostages. + The starting point for emancipation was the freeing of children of slaves born after a certain date.
    sb / sth trapped
    2 [VN] ~ sb/sth / yourself (from sth) to move sb/sth that is caught or fixed on sth: Three people were freed from the wreckage. + She struggled to free herself. + A good kick finally freed the door. + He managed to free his arms from their bonds.
    remove sth
    3 [VN] ~ sb/sth of / from sb/sth to remove sth that is unpleasant or not wanted from sb/sth
    Synonym: RID
    These exercises help free the body of tension. + The police are determined to free the town of violent crime. + The centre aims to free young people from dependency on drugs.
    make available
    4 [VN] ~ sb/sth (up) to make sb/sth available for a particular purpose: We freed time each week for a project meeting. + The government has promised to free up more resources for education.
    5 [VN to inf] to give sb the extra time to do sth that they want to do: Winning the prize freed him to paint full-time.
    + adverb
    without payment
    1 (also free of charge) without payment: Children under five travel free.
    not trapped
    2 away from or out of a position in which sb/sth is stuck or trapped: The wagon broke free from the train.
    See also - SCOT-FREE
    Idioms: make free with sth (disapproving) to use sth a lot, even though it does not belong to you: Does she know that you're making free with her belongings?
    run free (of an animal) to be allowed to go where it likes; not tied to anything or kept in a cage
    more at WALK v.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 at liberty, unfettered, unchained, unshackled, unconfined, untrammelled, unencumbered, unrestrained, unrestricted, unconstrained, uncontrolled, free-born, independent, self-governing, self-governed, self-ruling, autonomous, democratic, sovereign:
    These people want to be free. It's a free country.
    2 liberated, at large, let go, let off, emancipated, delivered, manumitted, set free, unshackled, unfettered, released, freed, loose, out, Colloq sprung, on the loose:
    After ten years he was free at last.
    3 unoccupied, unengaged, at liberty, not busy, available, accessible; unused, vacant, empty, spare, extra, uninhabited, untenanted:
    Are you free for dinner tonight? Here is a free room we can use for the meeting.
    4 cost-free, free of charge, complimentary, gratis, for nothing, without cost (or obligation), unencumbered, Colloq for free, on the house:
    The food was free but we paid for our drinks.
    5 unattached, unfastened, untied, loose:
    Tie the free end of the rope round your waist.
    6 unasked for, unsolicited, gratuitous, unbidden, voluntary, spontaneous, unconditioned, unconditional:
    Let me give you some free advice.
    7 generous, lavish, open, liberal, munificent, unstinting, bountiful, open-handed, unsparing; charitable:
    Fred is quite free with his donations to good causes.
    8 relaxed, casual, informal, free and easy, easy, natural, unceremonious, Colloq laid-back:
    He is quite free about letting me use his car.
    9 open, above-board, honest, direct, outspoken, uninhibited, unconstrained, unrestrained, relaxed:
    You can be free in your criticism.
    10 unhindered, unimpeded, unencumbered, unhampered, unobstructed, allowed, permitted, able, clear, unrestricted, unregulated:
    She's free to do as she pleases. The two countries have signed a free-trade agreement.
    11 free of. rid of, exempt(ed) from, relieved of, safe from, not liable or subject to, immune from, unaffected by, above, without, untouched by:
    He thinks he is free of her influence.
    12 freely, openly, at will, unrestrictedly, loose; loosely:
    Our dog runs free on the farm. Let the rope hang free.
    13 gratis, at no cost, free of charge, without charge:
    They give new businesses advice free.
    14 set free, set at liberty, enfranchise, release, let go, liberate, let out, let loose, unloose, unchain, unfetter, uncage; emancipate, disenthrall, manumit; pardon, parole, furlough:
    Bail was paid and we were freed. Lincoln freed the slaves. He was freed after six years in prison.
    15 disengage, untie, unbind, loose, unfasten, undo, unshackle, unlock, open, release, disentangle, loosen, detach, extricate:
    Free the end of that rope.
    16 relieve, rid, unburden, disburden, disencumber, unbosom; rescue, redeem:
    Free yourself of any preconceived notions on the subject.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 not controlled by rules


    be, feel, seem | become | remain | leave sb
    The government wants to leave companies free to make their own decisions.


    completely, entirely, quite, totally
    The students are entirely free to choose their own courses.
    | fairly, reasonably, relatively


    The organization wants to remain free from government control.

    2 not in prison; not restricted/trapped


    be, roam
    animals roaming free across the plains
    | break, get, pull, walk
    The ship broke free from its moorings. They tied him up but he managed to get free. She managed to pull free of her attacker. She walked free from jail.
    | remain | cut sb/sth, let sb/sth, pull sb/sth, set sb/sth
    He was trapped by his leg, but his rescuers cut him free. They let their prisoner free. The birds were set free.


    completely, entirely, totally

    3 costing nothing


    be, come
    This full-colour poster comes free with the magazine.


    absolutely, completely, entirely, totally


    for free
    We might be able to get some plants for free.
    | free of charge
    We will send you our booklet free of charge.

    4 free from/of sth: without sth


    be | become | remain, stay | keep sth
    We've managed to keep the garden free of weeds this year.


    completely, entirely, totally
    At last he's totally free from pain.
    | relatively

    5 not being used


    be, look, seem | become | keep sth
    The hospital needs to keep some beds free for emergencies.



    6 not busy


    Are you free this afternoon?
    | keep sth
    We try and keep Sundays free.


    completely, entirely, totally | fairly, pretty, reasonably

    Concise English dictionary

    +people who are free
    +grant freedom to; free from confinement
    +relieve from
    +remove or force out from a position
    +grant relief or an exemption from a rule or requirement to
    +make (information) available publication
    +free from obligations or duties
    +free or remove obstruction from
    +let off the hook
    +part with a possession or right
    +make (assets) available
    +able to act at will; not hampered; not under compulsion or restraint
    +unconstrained or not chemically bound in a molecule or not fixed and capable of relatively unrestricted motion
    +costing nothing
    +not occupied or in use
    +not fixed in position
    +not held in servitude
    +not taken up by scheduled activities
    +not literal
    +without restraint