US: /ˈfɹænˌtʃaɪz/
UK: /fɹˈɑːnt‍ʃa‍ɪz/

English Vietnamese dictionary

franchise /'fræntʃaiz/
  • danh từ
    • quyền bầu cử
    • tư cách hội viên
    • quyền công dân
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ); (sử học) đặc quyền

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
1 [C, U] formal permission given by a company to sb who wants to sell its goods or services in a particular area; formal permission given by a government to sb who wants to operate a public service as a business: a franchise agreement / company + a catering / rail franchise + In the reorganization, Southern Television lost their franchise. + to operate a business under franchise
2 [C] a business or service run under franchise: They operate franchises in London and Paris. + a burger franchise
3 [U] (formal) the right to vote in a country's elections: universal adult franchise + The 1918 Reform Act extended the franchise to women over 30.
+ verb [VN] [usually passive] to give or sell a franchise (1) to sb: Catering has been franchised (out) to a private company. + franchised restaurants
franchising noun [U]

Collocation dictionary

1 right to vote in elections


democratic | universal
the fight for a universal franchise
| limited, restricted | parliamentary


qualify for
It was decided that all men in the armed forces should qualify for the franchise.
| exercise
He had to exercise the franchise on behalf of other council members.
| enlarge, extend, widen
After the Second World War the franchise was extended to all adults over eighteen.
| restrict

2 permission to sell a company's goods/services


catering, fast food, rail, television, etc.


have, hold
the company that holds the rail franchise for the south-east of the country
| acquire, buy, win
The company has just won a television franchise.
| award (sb), give sb, grant sb
The franchise was awarded to a French company.
| auction, sell
TV franchises will be auctioned to the highest bidder.
| retain | lose
The ITV licensee lost its franchise to Carlton TV.


system | business, company, operation | holder | agreement | auction, bid | fee


~ for
The diving school has acquired a franchise for scuba equipment.


on a franchise basis
Catering in the schools is run on a franchise basis.

Concise English dictionary

+an authorization to sell a company's goods or services in a particular place
+a business established or operated under an authorization to sell or distribute a company's goods or services in a particular area
+a statutory right or privilege granted to a person or group by a government (especially the rights of citizenship and the right to vote)
+grant a franchise to