US: /ˈfɔɹk/
UK: /fˈɔːk/

English Vietnamese dictionary

fork /fɔ:k/
  • danh từ
    • cái nĩa (để xiên thức ăn)
    • cái chĩa (dùng để gảy rơm...)
    • chạc cây
    • chỗ ngã ba (đường, sông)
    • (vật lý) thanh mẫu, âm thoa ((cũng) tuning fork)
    • fork of lightning
      • tia chớp chữ chi, tia chớp nhằng nhằng
  • ngoại động từ
    • đào bằng chĩa, gảy bằng chĩa (rơm, rạ...)
    • nội động từ
      • phân nhánh, chia ngả
        • where the road forks: ở chỗ con đường chia ngã; ở chỗ ngã ba đường
      • to fork out (over, upon)
        • (từ lóng) trao; trả tiền, xuỳ ra

    Advanced English dictionary

    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 a tool with a handle and three or four sharp points, (called PRONGS), used for picking up and eating food: to eat with a knife and fork
    2 a garden tool with a long or short handle and three or four sharp metal points, used for digging
    See also - PITCHFORK
    3 a place where a road, river, etc. divides into two parts; either of these two parts: Shortly before dusk they reached a fork and took the left-hand track. + Take the right fork.
    4 a thing shaped like a fork, with two or more long parts: a jagged fork of lightning
    See also - TUNING FORK
    5 either of two metal supporting pieces into which a wheel on a bicycle or motorcycle is fitted
    + verb
    1 [V] [often +adv./prep.] (not used in the progressive tenses) (of a road, river, etc.) to divide into two parts that lead in different directions: The path forks at the bottom of the hill. + The road forks right after the bridge.
    2 [V +adv./prep.] (not used in the progressive tenses) (of a person) to turn left or right where a road, etc. divides into two: Fork right after the bridge.
    3 [VN] [often +adv./prep.] to move, carry or dig sth using a fork: Clear the soil of weeds and fork in plenty of compost. + He forked a piece of meat into his mouth. + Fork over the ground before planting.
    Phrasal Verbs: fork out (for sth)
    fork out sth (for / on sth) (informal) to spend a lot of money on sth, especially unwillingly: Why fork out for a taxi when there's a perfectly good bus service? + We've forked out a small fortune on home improvements over the years.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 tool for eating




    pick up | put down | use


    on a/the ~
    She impaled a piece of meat on her fork.
    | with a ~
    Mash the mixture with a fork.


    a knife and fork
    He put the knives and forks on the table.

    2 place where sth divides into two parts


    left/left-hand, right/right-hand


    As you pass the farm, take the right fork of the track up the hill.


    at a/the ~
    Bear left at the fork in the road.
    | ~ in
    sitting in the fork of the tree

    Concise English dictionary

    forks|forked|forkingfɔrk /fɔːk
    +cutlery used for serving and eating food
    +the act of branching out or dividing into branches
    +the region of the angle formed by the junction of two branches
    +an agricultural tool used for lifting or digging; has a handle and metal prongs
    +the angle formed by the inner sides of the legs where they join the human trunk
    +lift with a pitchfork
    +place under attack with one's own pieces, of two enemy pieces
    +divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork
    +shape like a fork