US: /ˈfɫaʊɝ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

flower /flower/
  • danh từ
    • hoa, bông hoa, đoá hoa
    • cây hoa
    • (số nhiều) lời lẽ văn hoa
      • flowers of speech: những câu văn hoa
    • tinh hoa, tinh tuý
      • the flower of the country's youth: tinh hoa của thanh niên đất nước, những phần tử ưu tú của thanh niên đất nước
    • thời kỳ nở hoa
      • the trees are in flower: cây cối nở hoa
    • tuổi thanh xuân
      • to give the flower of one's age to the country: hiến tuổi thanh xuân cho đất nước
    • (số nhiều) (hoá học) hoa
      • flowers of sulphur: hoa lưu huỳnh
    • váng men; cái giấm
    • no flowers
      • xin miễn đem vòng hoa phúng (đám ma)
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm nở hoa, cho ra hoa
    • tô điểm bằng hoa, trang trí bằng hoa
    • nội động từ
      • nở hoa, khai hoa, ra hoa
      • (nghĩa bóng) nở rộ, đạt tới thời kỳ rực rỡ nhất
        • his genius flowered early: tài năng của anh ta sớm nở rộ

    Advanced English dictionary

    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 the coloured part of a plant from which the seed or fruit develops. Flowers usually grow at the end of a stem and last only a short time: The plant has a beautiful bright red flower. + The roses are in flower early this year. + The crocuses are late coming into flower.
    2 a plant grown for the beauty of its flowers: a garden full of flowers + a flower garden / show
    3 a flower with its stem that has been picked as a decoration: I picked some flowers. + a bunch of flowers + a flower arrangement
    See also - BOUQUET
    Idioms: the flower of sth (literary) the finest or best part of sth: They were cut down in the flower of their youth.
    + verb [V]
    1 (of a plant or tree) to produce flowers
    Synonym: BLOOM
    This particular variety flowers in July. + early-flowering spring bulbs
    2 (literary) to develop and become successful
    Synonym: BLOSSOM

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 blossom, bloom, floret or floweret, bud, Technical efflorescence:
    He brought me flowers for my birthday.
    2 cream, best, pick, élite, crème de la crème, finest, choicest:
    The flower of the city's youth were put to death by the wicked caliph.
    3 blossom, bloom, bud, burgeon or bourgeon, come out, open, unfold, Technical effloresce:
    The century plant was so called because it was thought to flower only once every hundred years.

    Collocation dictionary


    bright, brilliantly-coloured, colourful | fragrant, scented, sweet-scented, sweet-smelling | delicate, tiny | huge | lily-like, star-shaped, etc. | exotic, rare | alpine, garden, wild, woodland | autumn, spring, etc. | seasonal | out-of-season | beautiful, lovely, pretty
    What lovely flowers!
    | fresh | cut
    They sell a few pot plants, but they mainly sell cut flowers.
    | dried, pressed | dead | artificial, fake | closed, open
    The flowers were still tightly closed.
    | daffodil, tulip, etc.


    bouquet, bunch


    have, produce
    It has deep pink scented flowers. It was the first year that the cactus had produced flowers.
    | come into
    If the winter weather is mild, plants may come into flower too early.
    | pollinate
    The flowers are pollinated by insects.
    | press


    go to seed, seed


    bud, head, petal, seed, stalk, stem | bed, border | arrangement, arranger, arranging
    I'm learning flower arranging.
    | display | pot
    | basket, container, vase | garden | festival, show | market, seller, shop, stall | garland, wreath


    in ~
    It was June and the roses were in flower.


    a bank/carpet/mass of flowers
    The alleys were adorned with banks of flowers. The forest floor was a carpet of wild flowers.
    | covered in flowers
    The bush was absolutely covered in flowers.

    More information about FLOWERS


    grow ~
    Tulips are grown everywhere.

    breed ~
    She breeds orchids in her greenhouse.

    plant, put in ~
    Autumn is the best time to plant peonies.

    dig out/up, take out ~
    Dig up your geraniums before the first frosts.

    spray, water ~
    It's a good idea to spray your roses against greenfly.

    deadhead ~
    Don't forget to deadhead the pansies.

    pick (sb) ~
    I picked some daffodils for you.

    smell ~
    He stopped to smell the flowers.

    arrange ~
    She arranged the tulips in a vase.

    bring/give/send/take (sb) ~
    He took her flowers and chocolates.

    ~ grow
    Daffodils grow wild in the mountains.

    ~ be in flower, be/come out, (be in) bloom, come into flower, come out, flower
    The spring flowers were just coming out. What time of year do daffodils flower?

    ~ smell
    Some of these roses smell absolutely wonderful.

    ~ close/open (up)
    You know it's summer when the first daisies open.

    ~ droop, wilt, wither
    The petunias were already wilting in the hot sun.

    ~ be over
    It was April and the snowdrops were long over.

    a bouquet/bunch/garland/posy/spray/vase of ~
    a spray of mixed violets and primroses

    Concise English dictionary

    +a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
    +reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts
    +the period of greatest prosperity or productivity
    +produce or yield flowers