US: /ˈfɪt/
UK: /fˈɪt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

fit /fit/
  • danh từ
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) đoạn thơ ((cũng) fytte)
    • cơn (đau)
      • a fit of coughing: cơn ho
      • a fit of laughter: sự cười rộ lên
    • sự ngất đi, sự thỉu đi
      • to fall down in a fit: ngất đi
    • đợt
      • a fit of energy: một đợt gắng sức
    • hứng
      • when the fit is on one: tuỳ hứng
    • to beat somebody into fits
      • to give somebody fits
        • đánh thắng ai một cách dễ dàng
      • by fits and starts
        • không đều, thất thường, từng đợt một
      • to give someone a fit
        • làm ai ngạc nhiên
      • xúc phạm đến ai
      • to throw a fit
        • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) nổi cơn tam bành, điên tiết lên
    • danh từ
      • sự làm cho vừa, sự điều chỉnh cho vừa
      • kiểu cắt (quần áo) cho vừa
      • cái vừa vặn
        • to be a tight fit: vừa như in
        • to be a bad fit: không vừa
    • tính từ
      • dùng được; thích hợp, vừa hơn; xứng đáng
        • not fit for the job: không đủ khả năng làm việc đó
        • a fit time and place for a gathering: thời gian và địa điểm thích hợp cho cuộc họp
      • đúng, phải
        • it is not fit that one treats one's friends badly: xử tệ với bạn là không đúng
      • sãn sàng; đến lúc phải
        • to go on speaking till is fit to stop: tiếp tục nói cho đến lúc cần phải nghỉ
      • mạnh khoẻ, sung sức
        • to feel fit: thấy khoẻ
        • to look fit: trông khoẻ
        • to be as fit as a fiddle: khoẻ như vâm; rất sung sức
      • bực đến nỗi; hoang mang đến nỗi (có thể làm điều gì không suy nghĩ); mệt đến nỗi (có thể ngã lăn ra)
      • (thông tục) (dùng như phó từ) đến nỗi
        • to laugh fit to split one's side: cười đến vỡ bụng
      • not fit to hold a candle to
        • candle
    • ngoại động từ
      • hợp, vừa
        • this coat does not fit me: tôi mắc cái áo này không vừa
      • làm cho hợp, làm cho vừa
        • to fit oneself for one's tasks: chuẩn bị sãn sàng làm nhiệm vụ; làm cho mình đáp ứng với nhiệm vụ
      • lắp
        • to fit a spoke: in lắp một nan hoa
    • nội động từ
      • vừa hợp
        • your clothes fit well: quần áo của anh mặc rất vừa
      • thích hợp, phù hợp, ăn khớp
        • his plan doesn't fit in with yours: kế hoạch của nó không ăn khớp với kế hoạch của anh
      • to fit in
        • ăn khớp; khớp với
      • làm cho khớp với
      • to fit on
        • mặc thử (quần áo)
      • to fit a coat on: mặc thử cái áo choàng
      • to fit out
        • to fit up
          • trang bị
        • sửa sang cho có tiện nghi (nhà ở)
        • to fit like a glove
          • (xem) glove

Advanced English dictionary

verb, adjective, noun
+ verb (fitting, fitted, fitted) (AmE usually fitting, fit, fit except in the passive)
right size / type
1 (not used in the progressive tenses) to be the right shape and size for sb/sth: [V] I tried the dress on but it didn't fit. + That jacket fits well. + a close-fitting dress + [VN] I can't find clothes to fit me. + The key doesn't fit the lock.
2 [V] [usually +adv./prep.] to be of the right size, type or number to go somewhere: I'd like to have a desk in the room but it won't fit. + All the kids will fit in the back of the car.
3 [VN] ~ sb (for sth) [often passive] to put clothes on sb and make them the right size and shape: I'm going to be fitted for my wedding dress today.
put sth somewhere
4 [VN] to put or fix sth somewhere: They fitted a smoke alarm to the ceiling. + The rooms were all fitted with smoke alarms.
5 [+adv./prep.] to put or join sth in the right place: [V] The glass fits on top of the jug to form a lid. + [VN] We fitted together the pieces of the puzzle.
agree / match
6 (not used in the progressive tenses) to agree with, match or be suitable for sth; to make sth do this: [V] Something doesn't quite fit here. + His pictures don't fit into any category. + [VN] The facts certainly fit your theory. + The punishment ought to fit the crime. + We should fit the punishment to the crime.
make suitable
7 ~ sb/sth (for sth) (especially BrE) to make sb/sth suitable for a particular job: [VN, VN to inf] His experience fitted him perfectly for the job. + His experience fitted him to do the job.
See also - FITTED
Idioms: fit (sb) like a glove to be the perfect size or shape for sb: The dress fits me like a glove.
more at BILL n., CAP n., DESCRIPTION, FACE n.
Phrasal Verbs: fit sb/sth<->in
fit sb/sth in / into sth
1 to find time to see sb or to do sth: I'll try and fit you in after lunch. + I had to fit ten appointments into one morning.
2 to find or have enough space for sb/sth in a place: We can't fit in any more chairs.
fit in (with sb/sth) to live, work, etc. in an easy and natural way with sb/sth: He's never done this type of work before; I'm not sure how he'll fit in with the other people. + Where do I fit in? + Do these plans fit in with your arrangements?
fit sb/sth<->out / up (with sth) to supply sb/sth with all the equipment, clothes, food, etc. they need: to fit out a ship before a long voyage + The room has been fitted out with a stove and a sink.
fit sb<->up (for sth) (BrE, informal) to make it look as if sb is guilty of a crime they have not committed
Synonym: FRAME
I didn't do it-I've been fitted up!
+ adjective (fitter, fittest)
1 ~ (for sth)
~ (to do sth) healthy and strong, especially because you do regular physical exercise: Top athletes have to be very fit. + (BrE) He won't be fit to play in the match on Saturday. + She tries to keep fit by jogging every day. + (BrE) He's been ill and isn't fit enough for work yet. + I feel really fighting fit (= very healthy and full of energy). + The government aims to make British industry leaner and fitter (= employing fewer people and with lower costs).
Antonym: UNFIT
2 ~ for sb/sth
~ to do sth suitable; of the right quality; with the right qualities or skills: The food was not fit for human consumption. + It was a meal fit for a king (= of very good quality). + Your car isn't fit to be on the road! + The children seem to think I'm only fit for cooking and washing! + He's so angry he's in no fit state to see anyone. + (formal) This is not a fit place for you to live.
Antonym: UNFIT
3 ~ to do sth (BrE, informal) ready or likely to do sth extreme: They worked until they were fit to drop (= so tired that they were likely to fall). + I've eaten so much I'm fit to burst. + She was laughing fit to burst (= very much).
4 (BrE, informal) sexually attractive
Idioms: (as) fit as a fiddle (spoken) in very good physical condition
see / think fit (to do sth) (formal) to consider it right or acceptable to do sth; to decide or choose to do sth: You must do as you think fit (= but I don't agree with your decision). + The newspaper did not see fit to publish my letter (= and I criticize it for that).
more at SURVIVAL
+ noun
1 [C] a sudden attack of an illness, such as EPILEPSY, in which sb becomes unconscious and their body may make violent movements: to have an epileptic fit + Her fits are now controlled by drugs.
of coughing / laughter
2 [C] a sudden short period of coughing or of laughter, that you cannot control: a fit of coughing + He had us all in fits (of laughter) with his jokes.
of strong feeling
3 [C] a short period of very strong feeling: to act in a fit of anger / rage / temper / pique
of clothing
4 [C, U] (often with an adjective) the way that sth, especially a piece of clothing, fits: a good / bad / close / perfect fit
5 [C] ~ (between A and B) the way that two things match each other or are suitable for each other: We need to work out the best fit between the staff required and the staff available.
Idioms: by / in fits and starts frequently starting and stopping again; not continuously: Because of other commitments I can only write my book in fits and starts.
have / throw a fit (informal) to be very shocked, upset or angry: Your mother would have a fit if she knew you'd been drinking!

Thesaurus dictionary

1 fitting, appropriate, fitted, suitable, suited, adapted, apt, meet, apropos, applicable; befitting, becoming, convenient, proper, right, correct, fitting:
Those books are not fit for children. It's not a fit night out for man or beast.
2 prepared, ready, able, capable, qualified, worthy, right, adequate:
The question is, is such a man fit to lead men into battle?
3 healthy, well, hale, hearty, stalwart, vigorous, strong, sturdy, robust, strapping, able-bodied, in good shape or trim or condition, in fine fettle:
Is she fit enough to run in the marathon?
4 ready, angry, troubled, upset, inclined, disposed, ready or likely or about to, exhausted enough:
I worked till I was fit to drop. Mr Barrett was coughing fit to burst.
5 befit, suit, become, be suited to, be suitable or appropriate for, answer, satisfy:
This computer program does not fit my needs.
6 join, conform, go (together), match, correspond, dovetail, tally:
I cannot make the parts fit.
7 adjust, modify, change, adapt, alter, accommodate, shape, fashion:
You will just have to fit your schedule to conform to ours.
8 equip, supply, furnish, provide, outfit, fit out or up, install or instal, rig out, gear up:
I am having my boat fitted with radar.
1 attack, seizure, convulsion, spasm, spell, paroxysm, bout, throe:
She has periodic fits of severe depression.
2 outburst, outbreak, paroxysm, spell, period:
Occasionally, Gurning would go into a fit of hysterical laughter.
3 tantrum; eruption, explosion:
She throws a fit if I so much as mention Maria's name.
4 by fits and starts. sporadically, occasionally, fitfully, spasmodically, intermittently, erratically, haphazardly, now and then, irregularly, unsystematically; unreliably:
The fridge works only by fits and starts.

Collocation dictionary

1 healthy


be, feel, look, seem | become, get
the struggle to get fit and stay fit
| keep, stay
Go for a little jog to keep fit.
| make sb
Exercising once a week is not enough to make you fit.
| keep sb
gentle exercises designed to keep you fit


extremely, fighting, really, very
He seemed fighting fit and ready for action.
| fully
John isn't fully fit yet after his operation.
| fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably | physically
She felt physically fitter and more alive than she could ever remember.


The doctor said she was now fit for work.


as fit as a fiddle
(= very healthy),
fit and healthy/well
She looks really fit and well.
| fit and ready

2 suitable


consider sth, see, think
The newspaper did not see fit to publish my letter (= and I criticize it for that). You must do as you think fit (= but I don't agree with your decision).


The food was not fit for human consumption.


fit and proper
(law) circumstances in which someone is not considered a fit and proper person to run a bank
| fit for a king
It was a meal fit for a king (= of very good quality).
| in no fit state
He's so angry he's in no fit state to see anyone.

Concise English dictionary

+a display of bad temper
+a sudden uncontrollable attack
+the manner in which something fits
+a sudden flurry of activity (often for no obvious reason)
+be agreeable or acceptable to
+be the right size or shape; fit correctly or as desired
+satisfy a condition or restriction
+make fit
+insert or adjust several objects or people
+be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics
+conform to some shape or size
+provide with (something) usually for a specific purpose
+make correspond or harmonize
+meeting adequate standards for a purpose
+(usually followed by `to' or `for') on the point of or strongly disposed
+physically and mentally sound or healthy